Renewing Member Fee Payment


 Thanks for being a Member!


Renewing your Membership:

1.  PayPal (recommended):  Use your own PayPal account or a credit card (no PayPal account needed).  You will receive a confirmation of payment notification and your membership will be automatically renewed for 12 months from your current expiry date.

2.  Cheque at a club meeting.  Renewal will be confirmed after the cheque has cleared.  There could be a delay of a few days for this process.


Confirmation of Agreement - VCC Liability Waiver:

Confirmation that you have read and agree with the VCC Liabilty Waiver is requested with your Membership renewal.  Please read the waiver here.  Indicate "YES" on the PayPal "I agree to the VCC Waiver" line below.


Family Memberships:

Please remind the Membership Manager ( of whom the other Family member(s) are so that their VCC account can be updated with the new dues expiry date.




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