A Day in the Life of Victoria

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8 June 2024  

This is an open theme highlighting "A Day in the Life of Victoria.”  

As an open theme – animals, birds, insects, landscape, cityscape, nature, people, domestic animals, and wildlife are permitted as well as creative composite images.

“A Day in the Life of Victoria” is very broad - it is a fun shoot for all VCC members to capture what happens in our communities, within a 24-hour period.

Submit images from the 13 municipalities listed by the Capital Regional District:

Central Saanich, Colwood, Esquimalt, Highlands, Langford, Metchosin, North Saanich, Oak Bay, Saanich, Sidney, Sooke, Victoria, View Royal.

Open Editing

All different in-camera, on-camera and post-processing techniques can be used.   No digital frames or mats are permitted. 

Hand of man is permitted. Colour, black & white, monochrome and infrared images are permitted.

Images must be originally captured by a photographic device:  AI directed by written command with no photographic origin is prohibited.


VCC members may each submit two images.  

ONLY images taken on June 1st between 12 am and 11:59 pm are acceptable.

IMPORTANT FILE NAMING: add the time your shot was taken in your Title, eg. "715am Sunrise at Esquimalt Lagoon", "11pm Shift Change at Victoria General", etc.

The DEADLINE for submission of images to VCC is midnight, June 8, 2024.

  1. Images should be in JPEG format, maximum 1400 pixels on the horizontal x 1050 on the vertical in size.
  2. Note: One of the dimensions must be exactly the maximum allowed size (either 1400 or 1050 pixels).

  3. For example, a portrait image would have a vertical dimension of 1050 pixels, the maximum allowed for the vertical dimension.  A square image would be 1050 x 1050 pixels so as not to exceed the vertical maximum.

  4. sRGB colour space is recommended, with  a maximum file size of 1.8 MB

  5. Maximum number of submissions per VCC member is two.

Sample Photos Courtesy of Richard Letourneau

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