Frank Turner Award

The Frank Turner Award, represented by its accompanying trophy, is the most prestigious award given by the VCC.

This award was created to honour Frank Turner, a long time member of the club.

Frank Turner was an accomplished photographer who won many awards for his art, but he was also an important and vital member of this club.

He served on the executive of the club in several positions including President over a number of years and also taught and shared his passion and talent for photography selflessly with other members. When he passed away, his Pentax camera was made into this trophy to honour both him and his remarkable contributions to the club.

The selection of the winner of the trophy is by tradition made by the last three winners independently from the executive of the club. The criteria are not written in stone, but rather are left to the discretion of the selectors. However the winners are always accomplished photographers who have made a significant contribution to the VCC over a period of time.

In April, 2013, Julia Turner, daughter-in-law of Frank Turner, bestowed twenty prints, including many prize winners, to the Victoria Camera Club. Those have been photographed and are now displayed here.


Recent Winners

2020-2021: Jacqui James

{No Photo Available}

2019-2020: Richard Webber

2018-2019: Bobbie Carey

2017-2018: Pam Irvine

2016-2017: Mike Wooding

 2015-2016: Lois Burton

 2014-2015: Gail and Dan Takahashi

 2013-2014: Scott Laird


Frank Turner Historic Award Winners

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