Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I become a VCC member? – Read 
  • What is the VCC Liability Waiver? – Read
  • How much are membership dues? – Read

Managing My Account

  • What are ‘My Account Settings’? – Read 
  • Is my personal profile information private? How do I manage it? – Read
  • What are Forums and how do I use them? – Read

Image Handling

    ** Do not add your name to the title of your image. It is not necessary.

  • How do I enter my images into competitions? - Read
  • How do I post images into a gallery for a Field Trip, Tuesday Shoot or Alt Tuesday Shoot, which I attended? – Read 
  • How do I upload images into My Image Library? – Read
  • How do I edit images that are already in My Image Library? – Read
  • Now that I have images in My Image Library, what can I do with them?
    • Read – How to add images to a Competition from My Image Library
    • Read – How to add images to a Gallery from My Image Library
  • Is it possible to remove images from My Image Library? - Read
  • How do I manage automatic watermarks added to my images? – Read

For Event Managers, Field Trip Coordinators, and Web Administrators

  • How do I create new galleries? – Read
  • How do I use the VCC WordPress website? – Read
  • How do I update Featured Galleries? – Read

For Club Competitions

  • How do I view results for completed Competitions? – Read
  • Is it possible to add an image sequence to a Competition? – Read

For Judges

  • How do I use Website Remote Judging? – Read
  • What is recommended judging environment for CAPA Competitions? – Read
  • What are the judging guidelines for Internal Competitions? – Read


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