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The PSA was founded in 1934 when the Associated Camera Clubs of America (ACCA), founded in 1919, established an Organizing Committee, decided to enroll individual members, and passed a resolution to change the name of ACCA to the Photographic Society of America (PSA). The Photographic Society of America (PSA) is a worldwide organization providing a wide range of services that promote photography and benefits to its members. Individual members can participate in competitions, study groups and on-line education programs designed to advance their photographic knowledge and skills. Competitions are held for clubs, councils, federations and chapters.

Interclub Digital Competitions

In 2017-18 we entered two PSA interclub competitions. We knew that the competition from other camera clubs across the United States and around the world would be formidable, but thanks to some truly excellent submissions from our members, we fared very well. We came in tied for second place out of 72 clubs in the Interclub Digital Nature competition, and second out of 130 clubs in the PID Interclub (Open) competition!

In 2018-19 we will add the Interclub Digital Creative competition to our PSA schedule.

For more details on each PSA competition and for galleries of our submissions, please click on the menu items at the top left.

Website Competitions (Large Club Category)

2018 - Honourable Mention Webmasters - Steve Jakes and Leah Gray
2017 - Third Place Webmasters - Steve Jakes and Leah Gray
2016 - First Place Webmasters - Steve Jakes and Leah Gray
2013 - First Place Webmaster - Garry Schaefer
2012 - Second Place Webmaster - Garry Schaefer
2011 - Third Place Webmaster - Garry Schaefer

Newsletter Competition (Large Club Category)

2018 - First Place Large Club Category
Editor - Richard James 
2018 - First Place Best Competition Results Page  Editor - Richard James
2017 - Honourable Mention Editor - Richard James 
2016 - Honourable Mention
Editor - Richard James
2014 - Honourable Mention
Editor - Richard James
2013 - Honourable Mention Editor - Richard James
2012 - Honourable Mention Editor - Richard James
2011 - Third Place  Editor - Richard James


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