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In 2023-2024 the VCC plans to participate in seven CAPA competitions. Links to each of these are provided on the left.

CAPA allows both club and individual member participation in most of its competitions. In each competition the file specifications are the same:

  • the submitted file must be in JPG format with a maximum file size of 1.8 MB
  • the maximum horizontal size is 1400 pixels and the maximum vertical size is 1050 pixels
  • Images smaller than the maximum dimensions MUST have either a horizontal or a vertical dimension exactly matching the maximum size.
  • A portrait image, for example, would have a vertical dimension of 1050 pixels, with a horizontal dimension of a lesser number of pixels.
  • A square image, for example, would have vertical and horizontal dimensions of 1050 pixels each.

Judges will not rotate your image. CAPA recommends an sRGB colour space.

Images must have titles in English or French or both. Titles should be simple and set the mood or perspective for your image.

Titles may NOT include the name of the club, the photographer, punctuation or symbols. File names must NOT include punctuation or symbols.

Images that have previously won a CAPA award are ineligible.

Please note that CAPA has strict eligibility rules. All components of an image must be the work of the photographer. In competitions with restricted editing (wildlife, nature or photo journalism) entrants must retain and make available on request the original untouched JPEG or RAW file in order to confirm compliance. In making allowable edits, work on a copy, leaving the original untouched.

A DNG and a PSD file are not recognized by CAPA as an original file. The only exception will be for images captured on specific cameras: Apple iphone, Lecia, Nokia smartphone, Ricoh, Casio, LG, Panoscan, zsamsun, DxO, MegaVision Pentax and Sinar. Make sure you save your original RAW (or JPEG) data without changing the format when you download your photos onto your computer. See individual competitions for editing restrictions.

CAPA is reviewing their artificial intelligence (AI) rules during the summer of 2023.  At present the use of AI renderings created through text prompts, either in its entirety or in any portion thereof, is strictly prohibited in the creation of any submitted image.  Where permitted by editing criteria, AI is still limited to "clear, de-noise, masking, sharpening, subject selection, tone adjustments, and/or upsizing."  Partial image replacement, such as sky replacement, where allowed, is still limited to the use of sky (or other object) captured by the photographer.  The External Competition Committee will strive to monitor the CAPA news pages for any updates in this area.

CAPA Judges will award their scoring based on creative vision and the story telling value of an image along with the pictorial quality and technical quality (e.g. quality of execution, innovation, creativity, and ‘wow’ factor) as well as the degree that the image is within the “Scope-of-Theme.”

Follow the drop-down menu, or click on the listing to the left, to see the criteria for individual CAPA competitions.

Members will submit their images using the Club's Website "Submit Images to a Competition". The External Competition Committee will select the images that will represent the Club and forward them to CAPA.  Be sure to include the image title when uploading your images.

Go to CAPA's Competition Website

Individual Entries

Individuals who are CAPA members may also enter CAPA Individual competitions in addition to submitting images to the club. For instructions on this follow this link:

CAPA Competition Guides

We will endeavour to advise you if your submission to the VCC entry has been selected so you may avoid using it as one of your individual entries, as CAPA does not permit the same image to be entered in both Club and Individual competitions.

VCC Results             

  • 2019/20

The VCC had mixed results this past year. Our best result was in the Series of Four where Dan and Gail Takahashi won the Gold Medal for us and Evan Guengerich and Daniel Rondeau took the Bronze. We also did well in the Curves and Lines, placing 4th out of 40 clubs which was good enough for an Honourable Mention. Gallery at right. Watch the Results Video

  • 2018/19

The club struggled in the CAPA competitions this year.  Our hightlight was the Monochrome competition where we had a 6th place merit award out of 41 clubs. See Gallery

  • 2017/18:

Although our record in CAPA competitions was less than stellar, we did have  a few successes. The VCC took third place for the Bronze medal in the CAPA Fall Print competition, and Dan Takahashi's image "The Moment" was awarded a fourth place Honourable Mention in the CAPA Black & White event. See Gallery

  • 2016/17

In 2016-17 the VCC won Silver Medals in both the CAPA Theme and CAPA Macro competitions. We also earned three Honourable mentions in the CAPA Fine Art, Wildlife and Open competitions.
See Gallery

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