The Canadian Association of Photographic Arts (CAPA) Competitions

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Fine Art  Oct. 2017

Nature Oct. 2017

Minimal Manipulation Nov. 2017

Theme (Smartphone or Tablet) Feb. 2018

Altered Reality Feb. 2018

Open Mar 2018

Wildlife Mar 2018

Macro Mar 2018

Portrait Apr 2018

 Club Entries

In 2015-16 the Victoria Camera Club participated in eight CAPA competitions and in 2016-17 we shall enter nine with the addition of the new Digital Macro Competition in April 2017. Links to the VCC web pages for each of these are provided below.

 The file specifications for each competition are the same:

- JPEG with a quality setting of 9 or equivalent
- max width of 1400 x 1050 max height pixels
- Colour space sRGB
- Maximum file size 1.8MB
- No watermarks or text are to be contained in the image

Members will submit their images using the Club's Website "Submit Images to a Competition".  The External Competition Committee will select the images that will represent the Club and forward them to CAPA.  Be sure to include the image title when uploading your images.

Individual Entries

Individuals who are CAPA members may also enter CAPA Individual competitions in addition to submitting images to the club. For instructions on this follow this link:

CAPA Competition Guides and Entry Forms

We will endeavour to advise you if your submission to the VCC entry has been selected so you may avoid using it as one of your individual entries, as CAPA does not permit the same image to be entered in both Club and Individual competitions.

VCC Club Participation 2015-16 Gallery

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