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Quick (pdf) Tips for using the Website

1. Upload Images to a Competition v2.1 (Sep 2016) - Read

2. Upload Images Directly to a Gallery v2 (Sep 2015) - Read

2a. Create a Gallery on the Website (Feb 2017) - Read 

3. Add Images to a Competition from my Image Library - Read 

4. Add Images to a Gallery from my Image Library - Read 

5. Remove Images from my Image Library - Read 

6. Upload Images to My Image Library v2 (Sep 2015) - Read  

7. Edit Images in My Image Library v1.1 (Jan 2018) - Read

8. Manage Your Watermarks - Read 

9. Manage Your Personal Profile and Organization Options - Read 

10. Manage My Account Settings Including Change Password - Read

11. Viewing Competition Results - Read 

12. Adding an Image Sequence to a Competition - Read  


Quick Tips for Web Content Managers

#101 - Creating Galleries - Read 

#102 - Updating Featured Galleries Page v1.0 (Jan 2018) - Read 

#103 - Using the VCC WordPress website v1.0 (Jan 2018) - Read -members only


Quick Tips for Judges

         #201 - How to Use Website Remote Judging v1.0 (Jan 2018) - Read

        #202 - Judging Guidelines for CAPA Competitions v1.0 (Jan 2018) - Read 

        #203 - Judging Guidelines for Internal Competitions v1.0 (2018) - Read


Browser Cookie Settings

The cookie settings in the browser(s) you use to access our website must allow cookies to be set.  The default browser cookie setting is usually OK.  If you cannot login to the website, try setting your cookie setting to "Allow All" or equivalent (each browser uses differing terms for this setting).

Mac Users:

If you cannot login to the website, set your Safari or other browser cookie settings to "Always Allow". Be sure to have the latest OSX updates installed. You may have to do this again after an OS update or a computer cleanup of temporary files etc.

iPad/iPhone Users:

If you cannot find/see the website, set your Safari cookies settings to "Always Allow".

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