Mobile Photography SIG presents "Getting the Most Out of Your Mobile Photography"


The event was held on Thursday, October 22, 2020 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

A Mobile Photography SIG Workshop

Workshop Presenter Jerry Hug

Our first Mobile Photography SIG meeting will be a two-hour presentation designed to jump-start the skills of anyone interested in using their phone to make compelling images. Although geared to those getting started in Mobile Photography, our presenter will include something for everyone, including advanced users.

The workshop will be in two parts and packed with information.

Part 1.

1. Purchasing your iPhone/Smartphones and what you need when you upgrade.
2. Setting up your Phone for both quality photos and videos. How to hold and shoot Manual.
3. Add on external hardware and equipment for Mobile use.
4. My favourite applications (apps)
5. Organizing images for viewing and “Slideshows”
6. Travelling with only Mobile devices for Photography (advantages and limitations).
7. How I use specialized apps for getting better results.
8. Using textures both handmade and purchased.
9. How I store my images on the devices and use iCloud
10. Printing directly from the Mobile device to the best Canon or Epson printers.

Part 2

Jerry will also be demonstrating the use of three applications for post-processing images on the phone - Snapseed, Touch Retouch and Lightroom Mobile (available for iPhone and Android) All apps are free except Touch Retouch, which is under $3 on the App and Play Stores.

Although Jerry will be using an iPhone, the functionality of the apps across platforms is virtually identical, so Android users will have no problem following along on their devices.

Participants are encouraged to download and install all three apps on their devices in advance of the workshop. A link will be provided so you can download the same images that Jerry will be processing, allowing you to work alongside him in real-time if you wish.

A complete set of speaker notes in PDF format will be provided and the workshop will be recorded allowing registrants to replay it at their convenience.

About The Presenter

Jerry lives in the Chicago area and has been a photographer for 50 years. His works have appeared in the Chicago Cultural Center, the Main Rotunda of the Thompson State of Illinois Building in Chicago, Brickton Gallery in Park Ridge, Bloomingdale Park District Museum, William Koheline Gallery at Oakton Community College, Johnson Galleries in Santa Fe, NM and the Des Plaines History Center in Des Plaines, Illinois. His images have been nationally published and are in included in various private collections on the North Shore.

He has won various awards for his photography through the greater Chicago area. In 2001 and 2017 he was commissioned to produce a series of Historical Places in Maine Township and was funded by a grant from the State of Illinois and Maine Township.
Jerry has been a professional educator with a fine arts background and retired from the Maine Township High Schools where he was Chairman of the Fine Arts Department. Recently he served as the Vice President and Public Relations Director of the Photographic Society of America serving over 6000 photographers.
He is the photographer & educator who is known as one of the go-to, for Mobile Photography experts.
Presently, he teaches Photography at The Clearing Folk School in Door County, Wisconsin and various photography workshops throughout the United States and Canada. You can view some of Jerry’s work on his website.


ZOOM Meeting - link to be provided

Meetings will take place virtually via the ZOOM tool. The link will be posted under the Members Only tab, the day prior to the event.

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If you have questions or require further information, please contact Graham Budd

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