Field Trips

We invite you to join us in our active Field Trip program! VCC members participate in two to four trips per month on weekends and during the week, both in-town and beyond.
  • See the Calendar for trips scheduled over the coming months

Field trips give members the opportunity to take photographs in the company of others; to discover new locations and to improve their techniques. For members whose interests include competitions, field trips also provide the chance to capture competition worthy images.

Most trips will be 2-3 hours in duration, will generally not require extensive walking (except some nature/landscape trips may require a bit of a hike), and will often conclude with a lunch or dinner to relax, socialize and review how the trip went.

Occasionally trips are scheduled to locations out of town or even out of country (such as to Tofino, the Lower Mainland, the Gulf Islands or the Palouse). All associated costs are the responsibility of the participants. 

Note: Pets and children under the age of sixteen are not permitted to accompany members on these or other field trips.

Trail Rating System 
Some field trips require a higher level of fitness than others.  We have developed a rating system to allow members to decide if they are interested in a field trip.  These ratings will be used in the description of field trips and any email confirmations. 

Infographic Trail Rating System

Tuesday Shoots

Our Tuesday shoots generally take place in downtown Victoria on the second and fourth Tuesday morning each month, starting at 10:00 am and concluding at noon. Lunch at favourite local pub/restaurants has been suspended because of COVID-19 concerns. 

Alternate Tuesday Shoots

Alternate Tuesday shoots take place on the first and third Tuesday mornings each month in photographically interesting locations in and beyond Victoria.  As with the Tuesday shoots, lunch at a selected venue near the shooting locale for the day has been suspended because of COVID-19 concerns.


If you need transportation, please let the leader know as soon as possible, we will endeavour to arrange car-pooling or a specific ride.

Costs and Fees:

Any admission fees and the cost of meals etc. are the member’s responsibility.

Trip Leader:

Each trip will have a leader. Use the Calendar to sign up for a particular trip and to obtain notifications and other information. 

Techniques and Equipment:

Some trips will be preceded by either a brief explanation of techniques at the meeting place, a workshop or a SIG meeting. The schedule includes suggestions on the theme as well as equipment. If you lack some equipment, we will endeavour to team you up with a member who has compatible equipment and who has indicated a willingness to share/help. Please let the trip leader know if you need help.

Field Trip Galleries:

Members are encouraged to upload images captured during field trips to their libraries and to assign them to galleries set up for the purpose. We will all benefit and learn from the unique perspectives of fellow members as a result.

Trip Suggestions:

Please make suggestions to our Field Trip Coordinators.  Offers to lead trips or provide a “briefing” would be gratefully accepted.


Disclaimer:  Participants in field trips do so at their own risk. Neither the Club, field-trip coordinators nor trip leaders assume any responsibility for members safety. By participating you accept full responsibility for your safety.


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