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The purpose of the External Competition committee is to raise the club's profile and gauge our progress in developing the skills of our members, compared with other clubs. The club also encourages its members to compete as individuals in external competitions as another way to have their work evaluated against photographers from across the country and internationally.

The images that we choose must satisfy the majority of committee members that these images will score the very highest in a specific competition.

The VCC and its members have a long and distinguished history in this area.  For example, in 2009-2010 the VCC achieved a 1st Place finish in the internationally prestigious Nature's Best competition with our images being displayed in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C.

When selecting images for a competition, the first question to be asked is “what type of competition is it?” We submit images for CAPA, PSA and other external competitions. If it’s an ‘Open’ competition, the committee will try to select a variety of images, from those submitted when looking for powerful or “wow” images. Selecting several images of grizzly bears, for instance, may not be the best decision for a strong entry.

If your image is not selected for a specific competition, please consider re-entering it into another External Comp. There have been many cases when the committee felt both images submitted by a member were worthy of selection.

Images are initially scored out of 20 points by individual committee members scoring voting remotely. If a committee member has entered an image, that person is unable to score her/his own images through the VCC system. The committee meets to discuss the images and view the average scores. Often there is some lively discussion over which image merits inclusion over another. There is often input from a VCC member acting as ‘guest’ judge.

The committee selects one image per author, per competition. The author’s names are not visible to the committee when evaluating and selecting images. Away from the view of the others, one committee member checks the authors during a meeting to ensure we have not selected two images from the same member.

Photographs chosen for External Competitions need to be exceptional. All submissions are considered for selection, including those by committee members. We are competing against clubs from across Canada and around the world. The committee must evaluate images as they are submitted. Members might seek helpful feedback from fellow photographers before submitting their entry.

Please read the specific rules of the competition. Ensure that you have not entered an image to the same competition through another club, or the same image as an individual entry. After all of this careful consideration, don’t forget to enter! You might have the next “Best of Show”.


All members of the VCC regardless of competition level (Novice, Intermediate and  Advanced) are eligible to submit images to be considered for selection to represent  the club in each external competition. This includes those members that do not participate in internal competitions as well as club executives and members of the Internal and External Competitions committees. We strive to have the best images going forward to represent the club against others.

Please note: Individuals may not enter images through two different photography clubs.

To submit images to a competition, click Competitions-Submit Images to a Competition

External Competitions:

Regular external competitions that the club participates in include those hosted by:

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