Internal Competition Themes

2022 - 2023 Internal Competition Themes

September 2022 – Friendship
Here is an opportunity to move beyond the "snapshot", to create a unique image that depicts affection, playfulness, closeness (not limited to friendship between humans...hint, hint)

October 2022 – Beautiful BC
Wow us with a landscape, a street shot, a wildlife capture from somewhere in our amazing province (i.e.: images should be identifiably BC)

November 2022 – Nautical
Images of ships or boats, their operational equipment or gear (navigational charts, anchors, eg.) and/or the people that operate them (sailors, outrigger crews, eg.)

January 2023 – Monochrome Street Scenes
Black and white or sepia images of everyday life in public places

February 2023 –Weather
It's what is in the atmosphere that counts here, be it hot or cold, wet or dry, calm or stormy, clear or cloudy

March 2023 – One Colour
Pick a colour and fill the frame, or convert an image to one of your favourites

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