President's Award


The President’s Award was created some years ago by past President Ed Moniz. This award recognizes a club member who has made significant contributions beyond their photographic prowess through their leadership, dedication, and hard work to improving the club. The sitting President selects from a list of candidates, usually provided by the Board of Directors who think that person is worthy of this award.

Ed Moniz forwarded his recollection: "I came up with the idea of the President Award (in 2011). It was to recognize members who worked hard for the Club in non photographic ways."


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President's Award 2024, presented by James Dies: Ian Faris - READ

President's Award 2023, presented by Danielle Labonté: Bob Law - READ 

President's Award 2021, presented by Teri vanWell: Richard Letourneau, Gordon Griffiths, Kim Smith, Rilla Ballantyne, Lorna Shaw - READ

President's Award 2011, presented by Ed Moniz: Mike Wooding, Gail Takahashi, Jack Copland

Recent and Past Winners
2023-2024: Ian Faris

2022-2023: Bob Law

2021-2022: Richard Letourneau

2021-2022: Gordon Griffiths

2021-2022: Kim Smith

2021-2022: Rilla Ballantyne

2021-2022: Lorna Shaw

2010-2011: Mike Wooding

2010-2011: Gail Takahashi

2010-2011: Jack Copeland




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