How a Forum works - by Leah Gray

A little bit about Forums: 

A forum was originally a public square or marketplace; a meeting place for the discussion of questions of public interest. Today a forum is an on-line message board where you can exchange ideas, discuss topics and ask questions.

-           Post – this is a user-submitted comment that a person adds to a thread
-           Thread – a group of posts
-           Topic – same as a thread
-           Moderator – watches for inappropriate or off-topic posts
-           Lurker (lurking) – one who reads the threads in a section, but doesn’t participate in discussions.
-           Bump – where someone comments on their own thread to bump it to the top of the forum for more views.

A few guidelines and general etiquette of forums:

1.         Search the posts to see if your topic is already covered
2.         Use a meaningful title for your thread
3.         Don’t promote your own business or service
4.         Do not double-post or cross (post your message twice or in multiple threads)
5.         Do not use CAPS – this is considered SHOUTING
6.         Do not interrupt a discussion on someone else’s thread – start another thread
7.         Be concise
8.         Be kind, do not chastise newbies
9.         Be aware that humour is not always conveyed properly.
10.       Please make your links “hot”, and let viewers know what they will be clicking on (ie. 5MB .jpg of my puppy)

We have a unique opportunity to have a closed (to VCC) forum where we can chat directly with other members easily.

More Information on Internet forums can be see here >>

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