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May 2017

May 2017

Basic Photoshop Skills with Lois Burton (session 4) (7:00 PM PDT)
Over four weeks (2 hour sessions) Lois will introduce you to the basics of Adobe Photoshop. This workshop will provide knowledge about how this software can be used to edit and enhance any of your images. (Photoshop has been available for many years, and is different than but complementary to Lightroom). The workshop will include how to: ·      Understand the “Photoshop Interface” including the menu bar, options bar, arranging panels, control of the workspace, and choice of screen modes. ·      Setting up your Photoshop “Preferences”. ·      Opening image files in Photoshop from Adobe Camera Raw or Lightroom etc. ·      Saving image files, with an appropriate file format, such as JPEG, PSD or TIFF.  ·      Tools and Tool selections. Making Selections. Keyboard shortcuts. ·      Image cropping, sizing, orientation, and colour workspace basics. ·      Make colour and tonal adjustments. ·      Make layer adjustments (one of most important aspects of Photoshop). Change the opacity of a layer adjustment; copying, deleting, moving & renaming layers. If you have wondered “what a non destructive layer” is, or what changing a “blend mode” does, you will learn this with Lois. Lois will provide a handout to participants. *Participants must have at least CS6, and preferably the Adobe Cloud version of Photoshop active on their laptops. delete
Alt Tuesday - Finnerty Gardens (10:00 AM PDT)
Finnerty Gardens - The garden contains over 4,000 different trees and shrubs including  rhododendron and azalea plants,  plus a spectacular range of companion plants artistically displayed on a 2.6 hectare (6.5 acre) site at the southwest corner of UVic’s campus. The entrance to the gardens is near the Interfaith Chapel. Parking lot 6 is the lot closest to Finnerty Gardens. Admission is free, pay parking in effect. Lunch at Smugglers Cove Pub, 2591 Penrhyn St, Cadboro Bay delete
Nature SIG Meeting (7:00 PM PDT)
Theme: Details: As always, nature images on any topic are welcome to be shown at our meetings, that's the way we can learn from one another. For more information contact the coordinators. delete
Year-End Competition and Award Night (7:30 PM PDT)
Return of Results: Year-End Frank Turner and President's Awards Presentations delete
Tuesday AM Field Trip (10:30 AM PDT)
Photoshoot: ""Welcome to Beautiful Victoria B.C."" Thousands of visitors happily snap photos of the Inner Harbour, Beacon Hill Park, the Empress, etc. Sites we take for granted. Look carefully at these sites, as well as the buskers and vendors around them, to see what is so fascinating. Capture the beauty and vibrancy of our city that keeps tourists coming back. Theme: Tourism-focussed images Please register to receive follow-up information on any changes and to receive notification if a weather-related cancellation is required. delete
Creative SIG Meeting (7:00 PM PDT)
Theme: Negative Space; Choose Your Own Adventure Come out for our last formal evening of the season! Please bring up to five of your most recent creative images you'd like to share, on a USB stick or any prints. A reminder that your images don't need to be "photoshopped" to be creative. Speaking of Photoshop, Barbara Burns will be joining us to show us some of her competition-winning imagery and how she made it. Don't miss out on this work by one of our top creative photographers in the club.  We will be discussing the concept of negative space and how we can use that to improve our photography.  We will also be talking about how to create a photo series - a great way to get inspired for some great summer shooting! Come join us for one last hurrah for the season; See you there!  Judy delete
Alt Tuesday - Songhees Walkway (10:00 AM PDT)
May 16th - Songhees Walkway - This waterfront walkway along the Songhees territory from Vic West to Esquimalt features waterfront views of a working harbour and wildlife. Meet at Spinnakers ( opens at 8am) Lunch at http://www.spinnakers.com/ delete
Tuesday AM Field Trip (10:30 AM PDT)
Photoshoot: ""Perspective from High Up"" No we are not renting a plane, but you will need to get a vantage point to look down on the city. If the weather is good, we’ll have our morning coffee on the deck so we can look down on the traffic on Douglas Street. After that, head for the upper floors of the parkades or the top of Beacon Hill. Anywhere where you can get above ground level. Please register to receive follow-up information on any changes and to receive notification if a weather-related cancellation is required. delete
Vancouver Island Brewery (10:00 AM PDT)
Vancouver Island Brewery will allow us to photograph the bottling assembly line from a catwalk above the floor. From this perspective, we will have an opportunity to photograph industrial workers and a moving assembly line. There are also opportunities to shoot the tasking facility. As this is an indoor shoot, lighting may be tricky. Participants may want to bring along a couple of lenses to try on this field trip. The field trip will end with a tasting of Vancouver Island Brewery’s products. There will be a small charge for the beer tasting. delete

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