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Oak Bay Collector Car Festival (8:00 AM PDT)
The Victoria Camera Club has been asked photograph the 20th anniversary of this exciting event.  There will be as many as 300 cars, from antiques to exotics, on display on 5 blocks of Oak Bay Avenue in the village.  The event is sponsored by Oak Bay Tourism and runs from 8am to 3:30 pm.  We will be the official photographers for the event and will be issued press passes for full access. Bob Law will be the group leader (250-888-3049, If you are interested, please register and email Bob to indicate which group you'd prefer to be in: Group 1. The morning shift (8am to noon) Group 2.  The afternoon shift  (noon to 3:30pm).  Meet Point is Oak Bay Municipal Hall, on the Oak Bay Avenue Side Some experience in photographing cars would be preferable.  A wide-angle lens will really be an asset as you may have to get close to the cars for a clear shot due to the number of people (about 15,000) who attend. Oak Bay Tourism would also like to have some general shots of the village.  They want to have the right to publish all photos for publicity purposes.  Photos from the field trip section of the Galleries will be selected and sent on to Oak Bay Tourism.  A small watermark is OK. We have room for no more than  5-6 photographers for the morning shift and 5-6 photographers for the afternoon shift.
Unsworth Vineyards: Good Food, wine and photography! (9:00 AM PDT)
The 32 acre Unsworth Vineyards property provides for a variety of photo opportunities including the 12 beautiful acres of developed vineyard, the winery building that houses tanks, barrels and more.  The landscaped grounds and pond are wonderful backdrops to the buildings and people shots, and good subjects themselves.  The restaurant is located in the turn-of-the-century farmhouse, and much of the original wood and stained glass was preserved while creating a contemporary feel.  There are plenty of opportunities for people shots at the winery, of visitors around the grounds  and on the patios as well as workers around the property. This field trip will include lunch in the Unsworth Restaurant and a wine tasting at a modest fee, redeemable upon purchase, both at the participants’ expense.  Time and schedules permitting, we hope to arrange a personalized wine tour by the owner, Tim Turyk.  See more about the winery at  We will meet at the Helmcken Road Park and Ride at 9:00 am on July 28th. As always, carpooling can be arranged from the park and ride. From the park and ride the drive is approximately a 35-minute drive to Unsworth, depending on traffic.    We will have from arrival at 10:00 am til noon for our first shooting.  If a tour by Tim is available, we will do it during this time to allow for you to acquaint yourselves with the property.  The lunch reservation will be for noon. During the afternoon we can continue shooting and have the wine tasting.   We are arranging for as much access to all areas as is possible without hindering the work.  Your Group Leader will be Jill Turyk
John Dean Provincial Park Alt Tuesday AM Field Trip (10:00 AM PDT)
Photoshoot: "John Dean Provincial Park".  The Park has 174 acres of old growth Douglas Fir, Garry Oak grass meadows, ponds and cliffs.  Trails range from easy to moderate.  Meet at the top parking lot, and choose your path.  Pickles Bluff has good views of the gulf islands, but you have to hike up and down to get there.  Other paths in the forest are very easy.  Lunch will be at the Prairie Inn. Please register to receive follow-up information on any changes and to receive notification if a weather-related cancellation is required.
Star Gaze: Night Photography at Fort Rodd Hill & Fisgard Lighthouse (8:00 PM PDT)
Star Gaze is a public event that will take place on the grounds of Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site in August.  This is one of the few opportunities each year that we will have to access the grounds during sunset, blue hour and full darkness.  The grounds will be partially lit for exploring, but do bring your flashlight or headlamp to help you get around. In previous years, some members have done light painting around the lighthouse, so that is a technique to consider trying out. The event will run for 4 hours (ending at midnight), so there should be ample opportunity to get a range of different shots during all the stages of twilight.  There will be other activities offered on the grounds for the evening, which will include presentations, tours, opportunity to look through telescopes with the Royal Astronomical Society etc... Park in the main parking area and we will meet on the grounds at 8pm.  Your Group Leaders will be Dan and Gail Takahashi, and they will meet all of you in the grassy area near the lower battery.  Be sure to bring warm layers in case it gets cold and enough food, snacks and water to sustain yourself for the evening.  Essential gear for night photography will include: tripod, shutter remote or cable release, headlamp and/or flashlight. We look forward to seeing you there for this incredible evening of star gazing and night photography!
Tuesday AM Field Trip - Friendly Shoot Out - Aug 13th (10:30 AM PDT)
Theme:  Friendly Shoot Out – themes drawn from the Summer Shoot Out Hat Lunch at noon at The Sticky Wicket Pub - 919 Douglas St Please register to receive follow-up information on any changes and to receive notification if a weather-related cancellation is required.
Selkirk Trestle area Alt Tuesday AM Field Trip (10:00 AM PDT)
Photoshoot: "Selkirk Trestle" waterfront area.  Meet on the waterside walkway on the water side of Glo Restaurant and Lounge on Jutland.  This protected waterway is full of kayakers, with cyclists and walkers on the nearby Galloping Goose trail which passes over the Trestle.  Shore birds abound.  Let's hope it is less smokey this year.  Maybe you want to practice with "leading lines" using the trestle?  Lunch at the Moon under Water Pub at 350 Bay Street. Please register to receive follow-up information on any changes and to receive notification if a weather-related cancellation is required.
Long Exposure Seascapes: Breakthrough Photography Filters Session (5:30 PM PDT)
Would you like to learn how to create captivating long exposure images (cloud streaks, smooth water, etc.) ... during the day with no color cast while retaining incredible detail?  This VCC field outing, led by professional nature photographer Dave Hutchison, will demonstrate hands-on how Breakthrough Photography Filters are used to create long exposure images.  You can also observe for yourself the claim that Breakthrough makes the "world's sharpest and most color neutral ND filter".  Demonstration filters and basic instruction on how to use them will be offered + a few giveaway promo items.  He will have a total of 8 Breakthrough filters (combo of 72 and 82mm) on hand for people to try out and 5 step up rings to cover lens thread sizes from 62 to 82mm (58-72mm step up is on order).  If you have a another thread size, please bring a step up ring to use with a 72mm or 82mm filter.  Bring your own ND filters too, in case you would like to compare results with the Breakthrough Filters. We will meet at 5:30 pm at the Cattle Point parking area If you have any specific questions for Dave before attending the session, you can reach him by email at: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you would like to check out Dave's photography or learn more about his future workshop offerings outside the club, please check out his website:  Dave Hutchison Images. Breakthrough Photography Filters can be purcahsed through his website, shipping is free and he can offer a 5% rebate after purchase: Featured Image: "Reach For the Sky" By Dave Hutchison - PPOC National Image Salon
Whale Watching & Marine Wildlife Viewing (1:30 PM PDT)
Take a six-hour trip in a 30-foot boat operated by  Sidney Whale Watching. The route taken will depend upon the sea conditions and where the wildlife is to be found that day. The trip has been timed to take advantage of the late afternoon and early evening light.  Using current intelligence gathered and shared by the whale watching companies, we will search for Resident and Transient Orcas, Humpback Whales, Grey Whales, Porpoises, and Sea Lions. At this time of year, seabirds are also plentiful on the water.  The wildlife available to view will be up to mother nature (whales are never a guarantee). Flotation suits will be provided. THINGS TO BRING: Cameras and Lens Waterproof covering for your camera (plastic bags will suffice in keeping equipment dry when driving at speed) Lunch and snacks Bottles of water Hat, gloves, a small towel Extra sweater in case you feel cold Kleenex PRICE:  $140.00 per person. Payment should be made to Sidney Whale Watching at least one week in advance via Visa, MasterCard or Cash. Please see their website ( for contact details.  ONLY PAY FOR THIS TRIP IF REGISTRATION IS CONFIRMED BY AN EMAIL FROM VCC.  IF YOU ARE WAITLISTED, DO NOT PAY UNTIL YOU ARE CONFIRMED ON THE TRIP.  Please arrive at Sidney Whale Watching at 1pm, a half hour in advance of boat departure Cancellation notice:  If you need to cancel on short notice, we cannot guarantee a refund unless we have enough time to find someone to take your place.  This trip is limited to 8 passengers to give everyone ample viewing opportunities, there are no middle seats on the boat which will be ideal for each photographer. Suzanne Huot is your group leader This trip will be weather dependent.  If there is rain or smoke haze we will cancel or postpone.  Refunds will be possible if we cancel.
Introduction to Lightroom - Part 1 of 3 (7:00 PM PDT)
Introduction to Lightroom – Presented by Cindy Stephenson Lightroom is a software program from Adobe that enables you to organize your images, create virtual collections of images along specific topics (travel, events, types of photography, etc.) quickly search for images that match specific criteria, and make non-destructive edits and enhancements to your images. Before using Lightroom, you should have a good understanding of where your images are stored on your computer, and ideally, have them set up in a folder structure that makes sense to you. Being fairly comfortable with files and folders and computers, in general, helps as well. Over three - two 1/2 hour sessions, Cindy will cover the following topics: File and Folder Management: organizing your images, folders versus collections, how Lightroom works as a Catalog, your ideal folder and collection structure, backing up your images and Lightroom Catalog Getting Started: bringing images into Lightroom from your computer and from your camera Lightroom’s Library Module: organizing images into folders and collections, evaluating your images, searching for images, applying keywords, and exporting images  Editing Your Images: making global and local adjustments, sample digital workflow, how Lightroom works with other programs such as Photoshop, or NIK. Registration is required. Please sign up for the August 27th date and you will be registered for all three sessions. Each session will build on information provided in previous sessions, and for that reason, it is important that participants be able to attend all three sessions prior to registering. The classes will be taught as a lecture style, rather than hands on. You will also receive written material following each class. There will be an assignment after each class, designed to reinforce the material covered in class. You will need access to Lightroom in order to do the homework. Please, direct questions to Cindy Stephenson. Contact info: ci
Introduction to Competitions – Internal and External (7:00 PM PDT)
Introduction to Competitions – Internal and External   – Presented by Jill Turyk and Leah Gray The event will be held on Wednesday, August 28th from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm. This workshop is designed for those members new to the Internal or External Competitions process.   During this two-hour session, Jill and Leah will outline the competition process, including the following topics: The value and benefits of participating in competitions Eligibility to enter competitions Members of the Internal and External Competitions Committees Competition Levels Internal Competitions Guidelines Competition Category definitions Size limitations for digital and print submissions External Competitions Guidelines Overview of judges External Competitions Guidelines CAPA Competitions overview PSA Competitions overview Other Competitions overview How to upload an image into a competition What happens to the file between the time it was uploaded to the competition and when results are revealed on competitions night  Questions Registration is required for this workshop. Registration opens July 27th at 9 am. Please direct questions to Jill Turyk. Contact info: or 250 213-6624

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