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May 2019
May 2019
May 2019
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Wildflowers: Honeymoon Bay + Mt. Tzouhalem (8:00 AM PDT)
Join us for another Wildflowers excursion to the Cowichan Area.  The main are of focus will be Honeymoon Bay area and Mt. Tzouhalem, with other possible additional stops if there is time. We will meet at Helmcken park’n’Ride at 8 AM.  Carpooling is an option and can be arranged at the park and ride.  Bring your macro gear!  Good footwear, a sheet/pad or similar for getting low on the ground, tripod, remote release, a lunch and water. You must register to get updates for this trip. It is weather dependent and possibly flower dependent.  Please contact Richard James directly to register:
Hornby Island Spring Wildflowers *Multi-day trip*
Don Peterson and Richard James will be leading the annual Hornby Island Spring Flower field trip for 2019. This is an unforgettable 4 day field trip to Hornby Island that is timed to try and hit the peak of spring flowering on the island. There may also be some interesting wildlife (sea birds, sea lions, whales, eagles, etc.) around. This includes a very observable Bald Eagle nest on Denman Island, you are shooting down into the nest. In 2018 they raised two chicks to fledging. The Island is a photographer’s paradise. Club member Don Peterson lives on the island and will be our guide. Don will show us all the island has to offer and those hidden gems. There will be an article on Hornby Island in the February Close-Up. The lodging will be the same as before at the Hornby Island Dive lodge and did I mention the food?? It is all included (3 meals a day…) and is absolutely fabulous. The dates are Monday April 29 to Thursday May 2nd 2019. The draft itinerary would be as follows: Day One - travel from Victoria to Hornby Island to arrive at the lodge around 3-4 PM. Orientation, social and dinner at the Lodge. A short evening shoot around Ford’s Cove. Day Two and Three - Over the two days we will: • Take at least one boat tour of about 3 hours to Flora Islet, a wildflower paradise. (This is dependent on weather and the level of interest in the group) • Visit land-based areas to shoot the spring flowers, landscapes and seascapes • Have free time to explore Hornby on your own or in small groups. Day Four - a morning shoot and then return to Victoria either directly or to take in other interesting stops along the way. (The best time to shoot the Denman Eagles is in the morning.) Costs will be approximately $475.00 pp including taxes, lodging and all meals (did I mention the food??). [Note this is per person, not per room as with Tofino.] Transportation is at your cost, car-pooling will be facilitated. The boat trip is weather dependent and would be an extr
Year-End Competition and Award Night (7:30 PM PDT)
Return of Results: Year-End Frank Turner Award Presentation
Ancient Forest Expedition: Conservation Photojournalism (10:00 AM PDT)
*New Date* We have rescheduled this field trip to May 4th (originally scheduled for March 30th) due to current ice and snow conditions in Port Renfrew that may be unsafe for hiking Ancient Forest Expedition: Conservation Photojournalism  This full day trip will appeal to the nature loving photographers in the club, with the specific mission and intent to produce images for the purpose of conveying a conservation message.  We will capture images that highlight the distinctive beauty of the flora and fauna of Vancouver Island’s ancient forests, but also attempt to document the devastating and destructive impact of deforestation practices.  We will head to the Port Renfrew area with Josh DeLeenheer, our group leader and guide, and will stop in at a number of different locations as time allows. Target locations: Avatar Grove – An incredible grove of giant and very gnarly trees.  This grove was recently protected through the conservation efforts of the Ancient Forest Alliance with boardwalk and stairs installed for easy access. The Big Lonely Doug – This is Canada’s second largest Fir tree, which sits alone within a massive cut block.  It was saved from being cut down in 2011 by a logger named Dennis Cronin and it quickly became a symbol for conservationists to draw attention to the dwindling stands of old-growth forests on our Island.  It can be accessed via a short hike down a steep and rugged bank. Fairy Lake – A favorite stop point for photographers and home to the iconic and bonsai-like Fairy Lake tree, which grows out of an old log in the middle of the lake.  There is a 2 km loop trail to explore the forest and lakeshore. We will meet Josh DeLeenheer at 10am in Port Renfrew (meet point t.b.a, check back for details closer to the trip date).  We will consolidate into fewer cars from that parking area, as one of our locations will not have a lot of parking room. What to bring:  Please come prepared with waterproof hiking footwear and expect very rugg
B. C. Aviation Museum Alt Tuesday AM Field Trip (10:00 AM PDT)
Photoshoot:   The B.C. Aviation Museum is located at 1910 Norseman Road, on the Airport Authority property at Victoria Airport.  This society is dedicated to  the preservation, restoration and display of aircraft and artifacts that document the history of aviation in Canada.  There is a fee for entry:  $10 for adults, $8 for seniors.  Lunch will be at the Spitfire Grill, which overlooks the runways. Please register to receive follow-up information on any changes and to receive notification if a weather-related cancellation is required.
Tuesday AM Field Trip - 50 mm lens - May 14th (10:30 AM PDT)
Theme: 50mm Lens   Learn to sneaker zoom! Use our feet to compose the image in our 50 mm lens. Either use a fixed 50mm lens or set your zoom lens to 50mm    Lunch at noon at The Flying Pig - 1245 Wharf St Please register to receive follow-up information on any changes and to receive notification if a weather-related cancellation is required.
Government House Alt Tuesday AM Field Trip (10:00 AM PDT)
Photoshoot:   The gardens at Government House in Victoria are open to the public.  Native and heritage flora abound in this little "Eden" at 1401 Rockland Avenue.  Deer are frequent visitors.  The heritage rose garden is protected by a high fence.  Views of the water from the south slope.  Lunch at the Ross Bay Pub. Please register to receive follow-up information on any changes and to receive notification if a weather-related cancellation is required.
Post-Processing: How Much is Too Much? (7:00 PM PDT)
Your Host:  Neil Boyle You’ve found the perfect picture. You’ve run it through the expensive camera, Lightroom, Photoshop, Nik Special Efex, Topaz lab plugins, and now it’s perfect. To you, it looks lovely. A sure competition winner. But wait! Have you processed it too much? Does it look too sharp? Too saturated? Artificial? Garish? Radioactive, even? How do you know? After nurturing this baby through 37 different post-processing options, you have invested so much time and effort that you can no longer judge if you haven’t gone a little too far. We’ll review general guidelines and look at six specific areas famous for over-processing, and discuss some indicators that you’ve passed the acceptable limit. Please send Neil an image that you’ve processed, maybe a little heavily, through Dropbox. by May 15th.  Neil will pick 15 images that we will review, with the hope of gently looking for signs of too much post-processing.
Tuesday AM Field Trip - Landscape: Urbanscape- May 28th (10:30 AM PDT)
Theme: Landscape: Urbanscape   Most Landscapes are wide open spaces of natural beauty... this week find the beauty of the urbanscape/cityscape.  Look for diversity both in people and in visual diversity of the sites from trendy commercial to gritty industrial.  Capture the contrasts between architectural styles, building materials and colours. Please register to receive follow-up information on any changes and to receive notification if a weather-related cancellation is required.
PRINT WORKSHOP Join Terry Zlot from The Print Lab to learn the ins and outs of printing your photos. Part 1: This 2 hour classroom session will cover basic tips to more advanced concepts, in a range of topics including: - Color management - Calibrating your monitor - Editing and print viewing conditions - Printer & ink technology - Preparing images for print (color correction, sharpening, scaling) - Paper choice - Alternative processes (laminating, mounting, embellishing) Part 2: JUNE 8TH 10AM - NOON This practical lab in the shop will include hands on demonstrations of the print process, samples of your prints on a number of different papers, a round table discussion of everyones' images, and a monitor calibration demonstration. NOTE: A $20 materials fee will be charged for this workshop, payable to Terry on June 8th. Space is limited to 12 people. PREREQUISITE: ATTENDANCE OF MAY 28TH WORKSHOP. IF YOU REGISTER FOR JUNE 8TH AND HAD NOT ATTENDED MAY 28TH, YOUR REGISTRATION WILL BE REMOVED. We appreciate your understanding.

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