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Polished - Tuesday AM Field Trip CANCELLED (10:00 AM PST)
Photoshoot: Polished Theme: Polished: smooth, glossy, shiny, cultured, elegant, refined or ...  Please register to receive follow-up information on any changes and to receive notification if a weather-related cancellation is required.
Intro to Luminosity Masks (7:00 PM PST)
Introduction to Luminosity Masks by Greg Benz Learn what Luminosity Masks are and how they can improve your photographs. Open to all:  Basic familiarity with general layer masks is helpful, but no prior knowledge of Luminosity Masks/selections necessary.  Basics to more advanced topics will be discussed. Equipment needed: Photoshop (Lightroom optional) Lumenzia Luminosity Masking panel will be used during the presentation.  If anyone would like to start using it or reviewing the related courses before the presentation, please feel free to use discount code BC25 for 25% off Lumenzia and the Master Courses: (NOTE: DISCOUNT CODE EXPIRES - USE BEFORE MARCH 7). There is also a free panel available:  Lumenzia LITE ( Bio: Greg Benz is a professional landscape and cityscape photographer, Photoshop instructor, and software developer. He is widely known as the developer of the “Lumenzia” luminosity masking panel for Photoshop. As an instructor, he strives to help other photographers create beautiful art by sharing the vision, tools, and technique behind his own work. His courses focus on how to utilize luminosity selections to dodge & burn or blend exposures with more natural results.  Greg is based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. He got hooked on photography back in 2000 while living in London for six months and has been obsessed ever since. He has since traveled to roughly 70 countries in search of beauty, new perspectives, and adventure.  Social Media/URLs: Facebook: Instagram: Website: YouTube:
Competition Night (7:30 PM PST)
Digital Theme: One Colour Entries Due: March Return of Results: February
The Baking of a Great Image 'Cake' (7:00 PM PST)
By David Clow The Best Recipe for Visual Design that leads to a Nutritious Meal Skill Set: Enthusiasm for self-improvement and sharing your photos with other keen photographers. Purpose/Goal: To familiarize attendees with the components of great Visual Design with emphasis on the 3 categories always used in the judging process of most photography competitions: ·       Composition ·       Technical Merit ·       Visual Impact The presentation will include a discussion and demonstration using different photo editing techniques that can be used to accomplish and/or improve the visual design of any given photo. Biography Dave has been a serious amateur photographer for more than 40 years.  His interests range from wildlife and landscapes, all the way to sports, abstracts, architecture, portrait/human figure photography, AV show production, and now drone imagery. He has won several awards in the Canadian Geographic Photo Contest and in the first annual CAPA Audio Visual Competition.  His work has been published in Remax Realtor Magazine, Canadian Camera (CAPA), and Canadian Geographic. He has had solo exhibits on ‘The People of Havana’ at the National Press Club (Ottawa, 2002), and ‘Journey to Antarctica’, at the RA Centre (Ottawa, 2007).   David also contributed to a juried joint exhibit, ‘Prince Edward Island’, in Nepean City Hall (2004). His most recent joint exhibits, both ‘Bergs and Birds’ and ‘Birds’, were held at the New Photographers ‘Gallery, Sidney, BC in 2021. David is an Ontario Council of Camera Clubs [O3C] certified photography judge, currently providing online judging services to multiple camera clubs across the Country. David has also completed the CAPA National Judging Course twice. (2009 & 2022). Over the last 15+ years, Dave has provided leadership in the Image Critique special interest group (SIG) for the RA Photo Club (Ottawa), and the Mississauga Camera Club. In 2022-23, David will lead the Novice Image Review for the Vi
Mt. Tolmie Park Alt Tuesday AM Field Trip (10:00 AM PST)
3492 Mayfair Dr.   Mount Tolmie Park will provide you with amazing views of the full city. With road access right to the top, a popular spot for visitors to the area. Hopefully, some of the Wildflowers will be in bloom. Please register to receive follow-up information on any changes and to receive notification if a weather-related cancellation is required.
This city works - Tuesday AM Field Trip (10:00 AM PDT)
Photoshoot: This city works Theme: Show examples of ways the city of Victoria excels, or works well, or has people at work. Please register to receive follow-up information on any changes and to receive notification if a weather-related cancellation is required.
Novice Image Review (7:00 PM PDT)
Presented by David Clow. VCC Novice members can get some feedback on their favourite images from Dave Clow, one of the VCC Advanced members (see  bio).  All images will be reviewed while maintaining the submitters’ anonymity. Whenever possible, Dave will display a 'before & after'  comparison, to illustrate techniques that might improve the image.  These Reviews are meant to provide Novice photographers with some common photography tools to assist them in planning, capturing and editing their own photography.  VCC  wants to encourage novice members’ enthusiasm for taking pictures, and sharing their pictures with fellow photographers. Any Novice VCC member may attend any Review session, even if they have not submitted any images  to Dave. However, you must be registered for the Zoom link each month.  Please send up to 3 images (RAW plus jpeg) to Dave, at by Friday midnight prior to a scheduled Review session (see VCC Calendar) Remember, the Review is not a competition.  I am looking forward to seeing your pictures! Happy shooting, Dave Clow
Butterfly Gardens Alt Tuesday AM Field Trip (9:00 AM PDT)
Butterfly Gardens will allow us to enter at 9 am. That's 1 hour before it opens to the public, so folks with tripods will have no kids running around. Also, we can get a rate of $10.50 if you pay me the cash ( PLEASE bring exact change)  and I pay for everyone on my card. If that doesn't work for you then pay $14.70 yourself. We will be entering a building with very high humidity. This can affect your camera and lens. Suggestions warm your camera up at home or in your car, keep it in your camera bag or wrap it in a towel until you enter the building. A cool lens will fog up instantly. There are lens warmers inside in case you forget. I suggest not changing your lens inside. Some of us will be going to lunch at Floyds new diner across from the Gardens. Please advise me in the morning if you would like to join us. They do take reservations for a group of more than 6. There are 75 species of butterflies plus flamingos and other birds. It's a vibrant jungle experience.  Tripods are allowed inside.  Please register to receive follow-up information on any changes and to receive notification if weather-related cancellation is required. As always, please share your photos on our Gallery .
Intermediate/Advanced Image Review (6:45 PM PDT)
Hosted by Nick and Kathryn Delany Guest mentor: Peter Koelbleitner Who: The invitation and attendance is to all VCC Intermediate and Advanced members regardless whether you submit an image.  Objective: The objective with the workshop is to help Intermediate and Advanced members learn what makes a strong image and how to take it to the next level - whether for internal competitions, external competitions or simply for your own enjoyment. Along with constructive review/criticism, we will use the PSA study group scoring criteria to help members better understand how competition images are judged. Review Panel: Each month we will have 3 mentors, Nick and Kathryn Delany and one guest VCC mentor. These mentors will: ● Provide a score for the image to PSA study group standards (you will have 3 scores for your image, and 3 reviews) ● Provide their opinions based on those PSA score guidelines ● Recommend processing/compositions tips to help everyone understand what is needed to improve the image under discussion.   As group leaders we feel that scoring an image is helpful and is intended to be an aid in evaluating the images and a way to measure improvement opportunities as skills increase. Details: Open to all Intermediate and Advanced members whether you submit an image or not. Twelve (12) images will be reviewed in a session. Image submission via email is due one week prior to the Zoom session to allow the mentors to prepare. In your image submission email please include: Image title Your jpeg should include your name + image title Image size is 1920px x 1080px, 300 dpi, jpeg format A brief description of your objective (1 - 2 sentences max) Tell us what category you would be submitting the image to for competition (e.g., Nature, Wildlife, Open Colour, or Monochrome) Email to Items that will be discussed during reviews: A PSA criteria based score from each reviewer with a brief breakdown for the following it
Learn to Plan with PhotoPills - Part 1 of 3 (7:00 PM PDT)
By Brenda Petrella  All Members Welcome. This will be a three-session event: March 27, April 3, and April 17. Please be prepared to attend all three sessions. Please register for all three sessions by using the registration link below. Purpose:  To gain proficiency in navigating and using the PhotoPills planning app to plan compositions of the sun, moon, or Milky Way. To understand how to use additional tools within the app that may or may not relate to planning (i.e. depth of field, field of view, augmented reality, hyperfocal distance, etc.) Equipment participants need:  Mobile phone or tablet downloaded with the PhotoPills app ($~10USD)  Bio: Brenda Petrella is a Vermont-based landscape and nature photographer, the founder of Outdoor Photography School, and the host of the Outdoor Photography Podcast.  Her successful tutorial YouTube channel recently surpassed 34,000 subscribers, and her videos have been recommended by Imaging-Resource, Shutterbug, Photography Talk, Capture Landscapes, Picture Correct, and others. Prior to photography, Brenda was the principal investigator of a cancer research laboratory and later oversaw biomedical safety and compliance at biomedical research institution in late 2016, Brenda left her scientific career to honor her love of the outdoors and pursue a long-standing interest in landscape photography.   Brenda has been invited to showcase her work in several solo exhibits around Vermont and New Hampshire, and her iconic Vermont landscape photographs were recently chosen for a permanent exhibition in the Vermont State Attorney General’s Office.   Her images have been featured on the cover of Northern Woodlands Magazine and by the National Wildlife Federation, the Slow Photography Movement, Save the River, and the Monovision Photography Awards.  Brenda has also been an invited speaker at several camera clubs nationally and internationally.   When not creating images, podcasting, or teaching, Brenda enjoys hiking, bi
This city doesn't work or Broken - Tuesday AM Field Trip (10:00 AM PDT)
Photoshoot: This city doesn't work or, as an alternative, Broken Theme: Show what or who, in your opinion, is not working or functioning in the city, OR depict something broken, whether or not it's city-related. Please register to receive follow-up information on any changes and to receive notification if a weather-related cancellation is required.
CANCELLED - Light and Shadow in Photoshop (7:00 PM PDT)
CANCELLED Light and Shadow in Photoshop - Composition and Post Production with Merrilee Soberg Bring your photoartistry to life by mastering the use of light and shadow in photoshop. Learn techniques to use as your composition evolves and then push it over the top with lighting tips for postproduction. Some experience with Photoshop or at least an interest in learning about it will be helpful. Bio: Merrilee is a digital artist. Over the years, she has taken thousands of photos on Vancouver Island and around the globe. As she lives on the edge of a wetlands, her camera always sits by the kitchen window to quickly capture the unexpected. Her photos of old suitcases and books, magnificent west coast trees, grasses, waves at Long Beach, bricks, rust, etc. are some of her prized resources. These photos are used as building blocks to create inspired, unique works of art that can be beautiful, intriguing, moving and at times, thought provoking. Her work is published in numerous editions of "Living the Photoartistic Life" magazine and featured in the February 2020 edition. Merrilee received first place in Fusion Art's "Leaves and Petals 2020" international exhibition and first place overall in LightSpaceTime's "All Women 2021" international exhibition.

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