Organization Galleries

Each member of the organization may create a Gallery containing their own images. The maker may request that the Gallery be made public. An administrator must approve the Gallery for public display by using the menu "Administration" > "Manage Galleries".

If you wish to create a Gallery with images from multiple people it is critical that you do not attempt to upload images that do not belong to you. You must also avoid creating a generic account for uploading images since when you upload an image you automatically become the author of the image.

Let authors have control of their own images and have proper credit for creating them. Members should always upload their own images whenever possible. If necessary, an administrator can upload images belonging to another member by properly identifying the author during the upload process. Extra items display on the "My Galleries" page for administrators.

Shared Galleries

The best approach for a Gallery of images contributed by members is to create a "Shared Gallery". Anybody can create a Gallery and mark that Gallery as allowing images from other members. When marked in this manner the Gallery will appear in the Gallery list for all members. They can access the Gallery and add images as if it was their own Gallery. You cannot, however, delete images from other members unless you are the Gallery creator.

Competition Galleries

An administrator can also create a Gallery using images from competitions. This allows the administrator to select specific competitions or groups of competitions and use filters to identify images to be added to a Gallery. This is very convenient for displaying winners of annual competitions on your home page, for example. Galleries showing the results of competitions appear automatically on the website via the menu "Competitions" > "Competition Results".

Home Page Gallery

The Gallery that appears on the home page is selected by an Administrator using the menu "Administration" > "Manage Galleries". Any public Gallery may be selected for display. The image author and title are displayed with each image.

Watch the Video on Galleries

For more information and a demonstration of creating Galleries, please watch the video on this subject.

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