2024 Open Colour Competition

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1 Feb 2024  

The idea in this competition is to use colour as the feature element of a photograph in a way that creates outstanding and stunning images. Monochrome and infrared images are not permitted.

There are four themes into which images should fit, and note that hand of man is permitted in all four:

  • Landscape: this includes landscapes and seascapes.

  • Man-made Structures/Objects: if it is made by humans it qualifies. Rural scenes, cityscapes, transportation over land, sea and in the air and space.

  • Nature/Wildlife: amphibians, flowers, botany, insects, marine-life, reptiles, domesticated animals and birds are all permitted.

  • Persons: traditional and casual portraits with or without the environment, play or work space.

Photographers must treat all subjects with respect and dignity. Special consideration should be given to vulnerable subjects and victims of crime or tragedy, intruding on private moments of grief only when the public has an overriding and justifiable need to see.

Open Editing

CAPA’s general eligibility criteria applies as always. See our CAPA General page for this.

This is an open editing competition, allowing all in-camera, on-camera and post-capture techniques. Sky replacement is allowed if the photographer submitting the image took the sky image. Images created totally electronically without a photographic origin are prohibited. Artificial Intelligence renderings generated via text prompt may NOT be used in whole or in part.


Club members may submit up to two photos by February 1, 2024 for consideration for the VC Club entry of 6 images by different members. Individual CAPA members may submit up to 3 images to CAPA for the Individual portion of this competition, which closes March 1, 2024.


VCC won an Honour Award in the CAPA Colour 2024 Club Competition, with pictures by Christy Grinton (Martin), "The Colours of Costa Rica" (25.5 points), Bob Ianson, "Aztec Warrior Warcry" (24.0 points), Alec Lee, "In Search of Nectar - Hewitson's Longwing Butterfly" (24.0 points), Heather Thompson, "The Incense Shop" (23.5 points), Jerome Rozitis, "Blue Domes Over Rooftops" (23.5 points), and finally Jim Fowler, "Cat in the Doorway" (21 points), for a Club total of 141.5.  Congratulations to VCC, but wait, there's more.

Kathryn Delany won the Gold Medal in the Individual Competition, scoring two images at 26.5 and a third at 23.5.  Kathryn also won 2nd and 3rd Merit for those 2 images in a run-off with another 26.5 nature image.  Wow, Kathryn, Gold Medal and 2 Merits!  In addition, Christy Grinton (Martin) won the Bronze medal with scores of 25.5, 25.0 and 23.0 points for her three images.  183 contestants entered 541 images in this Canada-wide competition, so this is a fabulous achievement, Gold and Bronze.

See gallery to the right.

Merit Award

  1. Images should be in JPEG format, maximum 1400 pixels on the horizontal x 1050 on the vertical in size.
  2. Note: One of the dimensions must be exactly the maximum allowed size (either 1400 or 1050 pixels).

  3. For example, a portrait image would have a vertical dimension of 1050 pixels, the maximum allowed for the vertical dimension.  A square image would be 1050 x 1050 pixels so as not to exceed the vertical maximum.

  4. sRGB colour space is recommended, with  a maximum file size of 1.8 MB

  5. Maximum number of submissions per VCC member is two.
  6. Please preserve your image’s original RAW or JPEG formatted files, should CAPA request them.

See CAPA Open Colour Competition for More Information


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