2017 Summer Scavenger Hunt

Member Voting

Voting will open at midnight 1 September and closes 23:30 15 September.  You must be logged into the website to vote.

To vote, go to Competitions-Vote on Competition Images then Select the "15 September Scavenger Hunt - Member Vote".  This selection will not appear until 1 September.

Open the selection page and there is a button link to a video on how to vote if you wish to view it.

Once the Scavenger Hunt page opens, you can place a check mark under the image(s)  - up to 3 in each topic - you would like to select.  Note that this needs to be done for each of the 10 Levels (=Topic).  Note the drop down box in the image below that says "Intermediate".  In our Scavenger Hunt it will say the name of our topics  - you will select the topic you want vote on from the drop down box here. 

Remember to vote in all 10 topics!

Results will be announced at a club meeting soon after the voting closes.

Open/Close Dates  

1 July to 31 August. Members will then be able to vote on their favorite images in each Topic, up to 3 picks per Topic per member. Voting is open from 1 September to 23:30 15 September. More on voting below.

Submit Images

Submissions have closed.

This is a friendly 'competition' open to all members. It is being run as club competition in that you will go to Menu-Competitions-Submit Images to a Competition and Select the "15 September Scavenger Hunt - Member Vote".  Once you add or upload your image(s) you will then have to ensure they are in the correct topic - this is different from normal club competitions.

In the screen shot below, you will notice that under the Image Title and Image Id is the "Category" (=Topic) the image has been entered into.  The uploader will put new images in to any empty categories initially.  You MUST then click on the "(Edit)" word beside the Category line and then pick the correct category to put the image into.

You may remove and replace any images until Closing 23:30 31 August.

You can enter only one (1) image per category (Topic).

You cannot see other members' submissions until voting opens 1 September.  However, keep reading to see how you could see the images before voting opens.

There are 10 topics:

1. Canada at 150 Years
2. Green
3. Summer Festivals
4. Transportation by Land, Air and Water
5. Life by the Sea
6. Urban Wildlife
7. Heritage Architecture
8. Our Changing Built-Up Environment
9. Food in the Field
10. Liquids at Rest or in Motion


Shh, only you can see this....

After you add your images to the competition you can also add them to the secret 2017 Scavenger Hunt Topics galleries.

Go to My Account-My Galleries-Scavenger Hunt Galleries-2017 Summer Scavenger Hunt. Then add your topic image in to the corresponding topic gallery.  These galleries are open to everyone to see, including the public. They are open right now.

If you don't want to enter the Scavenger Hunt competition, you can add your images in these galleries only - just remember they will not be voted on if they are only in these galleries.

Important Reminder: your image can only be UPLOADED once. If your image(s) have already been uploaded from your computer into the competition you need to "ADD Image from my Image Library" to put it into a gallery.


Happy Hunting!


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