The Victoria Camera club is run entirely by volunteers. The following groups make this a great club:

  • Executive

    • The board of directors (the elected directors) includes seven members (the president, 2 vice-presidents, the secretary, the treasurer and 2 directors-at-large). The role of this executive is to provide oversight and overall direction to the committees and to ensure that the objectives of the club and its members are achieved.
  • Internal Competitions Committee

    • The competitions committee is responsible for running the internal monthly competitions for our members and the year-end competition in April.  We find the judges and set up the website to handle the image submissions from members.  We review the submissions before sending them off to the judges to ensure images have been uploaded into the correct category.  We run the Competitions Night meeting on the first Thursday of the month to show the winners and the submissions from the previous month’s competition. We prepare the competition guidelines for the members and judges. 
      If you would like to be a part of this team, email Competitions Chair
  • External Competitions Committee

    • The External Competitions  Coordinator leads a small committee of volunteers responsible for selecting and submitting images from club members that will be used to represent the VCC in various inter-club photography competitions. 
      The committee ensures an objective and fair selection process is in place and keeps the Executive and general membership informed about all aspects of external club competitions. This position reports to the Competitions Chair.
  • Membership Chair

    • The Membership Chair is responsible for maintaining the Victoria Camera Club’s membership database. The specific duties include: collecting annual membership dues from members; updating member profiles; fielding membership inquiries and reporting on membership activity to the Executive. 
  • Presenter's Night Coordinators     

    • One or two coordinators organize and schedule the seven Presenter Nights from September to April.  The coordinators identify prospective speakers from outside the club in a variety of different photographic interests including but not limited to composition, landscape, lighting, photo journalism, portraits, sports, and wildlife.  The coordinators meet with the prospective speakers and decide if they are suitable for doing a presentation to the club, and if so, they sweet talk them into agreeing to do just that!  
  • Members' Night Coordinators

    • Members Night usually has two co-coordinators whose responsibility it is to put together an agenda , on the third Thursday of each month, of presentations by members. It provides the opportunity to display or present work that is outside the restrictions of competition.
      Categories may include slideshows, new members presenting their work, field trips, special interest groups and talks by members on technical aspects of photography. Presenters have the floor for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Workshops Committee

    • The committee plans the learning workshops that are offered to members. Generally these workshops appeal to photographers with a wide variety of skills and they are most taught by members while some are taught by guests.   All information is posted on the website under Workshops. The coordinators also overlook the registration for the workshops.
      The coordinators plan the workshops, search out instructors, and make certain that the room is booked, open for class, with the equipment ready to go.
  • Field Trip Coordinators

    • Two field trip coordinators work together to organize field trips to local venues. Taking into consideration the desires of club members, the coordinators are responsible for: choosing good photographic sites, seeking permission to attend activities, approaching volunteer specialist leaders, publicizing the event to the membership at meetings and on the website, overseeing the registration process, creating website galleries that showcase participant work, attending field trips and organizing the logistics of the trips. In addition, they are responsible for writing a monthly column for Close Up. Besides the two coordinators, members with special knowledge or expertise may volunteer to act as leaders for the field trips.
  • Tuesday Field Trip Coordinators

    • Organize and schedule Tuesday morning photo outings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month throughout the year. Determine a theme for each outing which will challenge participants to utilize their photographic skills to interpret subjects in a creative manner. Post themes, along with a brief description of each, on the club's website calendar page.  Set up galleries on the website for each theme to allow participants to showcase a number of their images. For each publication of Close-Up prepare a write-up describing the corresponding topics.  As the social aspect of the Tuesday morning meet-up group is very important first a coffee session to talk about the topic and then a variety of lunch spots to recap the morning must be chosen for each shoot. Encouragement and camaraderie in photography are our two motivating factors.

  • Alternate Tuesday Field Trip Coordinators

    • Organize and schedule Tuesday morning outings to coincide with the original “Tuesday Shoot.” These events take place at 10am, on either the first and third Tuesdays, or the third and fifth Tuesdays of each month. Select locations to give members a change of scenery and a variety of subjects to photograph. Post locations and indicate the distinctive features associated with each site. Add directions for parking, etc. Choose a nearby restaurant or pub to gather for lunch where members can discuss the morning’s experience, or photography in general. Set up galleries on the website for each date and location for all participants to upload images. Solicit new locations from all club members.
  • Print Shows

    • The print show committee chairman sources the venue for the print shows and organizes the booking. The committee gathers the image submissions,  arranges the advertising and sets up the show.  Advertising encompasses any free source available through magazines, newspapers and posters at public locations.  It will also organize the design and printing of a poster for advertising and liaise with the Close Up editor for inclusion in the appropriate edition. The committee will invite a jury to select successful images and notify members whose images have been selected.  They will also be responsible for hanging the show unless it is with a gallery who does their own hanging.  The reception is also organized by the committee, both in planning and in setting up and cleaning after the reception.  The committee will dismantle the show and organize collection of the prints by their owners.
  • CAPA/PSA Liaison

    • The duties of the CAPA/PSA Liaison are to provide club members with information about the individual benefits of belonging to Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) and the Photographic Society of America (PSA); to encourage members to submit competition images and articles for publication to these organizations; and to also distribute copies of Canadian Camera magazine and any electronic publications to club members when it is received.
  • Refreshments/Greeters

    • The duties of the Refreshments Coordinator are picking up supplies, preparing the refreshments for the break during regular club meetings and leaving the kitchen in a clean and tidy condition.  The coordinator is assisted by a couple of volunteers.
  • Creative SIG

    • The Creative Shared Interest Group coordinator(s) work to create inspiration and provide education for VCC members.They are responsible for directing the organization and flow of the Creative SIG meetings, which happen once a month. Currently this involves finding monthly presenters on any creative aspect of photography and/or photo editing, enabling members to share their work and ideas with each other, and providing educational material designed to help our members enhance their creative skills. It also involves the occasional field trip organization, as well as ensuring the club equipment arrives at the SIG meetings. There is also a publication underway (book and/or periodic journal of our member's work), so the position involves spearheading the organizational committee.
  • Nature SIG

    • The Nature Shared Interest Group Coordinators are responsible for hosting the regular meeting of the SIG, held the first Wednesday of the month.    The duties include making arrangements for the club laptop and projector to be at the meeting.  The coordinators try to cover topics of interest as expressed by the members of the group.  The coordinators will also organize nature photography outings.  The nature outings will sometimes be in coordination with the field trips.
  • Mobile Photography SIG

    • There are two Mobile Photography Shared Interest Group Coordinators who run and host a Zoom meeting the third Thursday of the month, except during the summer. They make extensive use of online surveys to determine the interests of the members and content is tailored accordingly. The coordinators are also responsible for setting agendas encompassing topics of interest and arranging internal and external presenters. They also create assignments or challenges for members on a monthly basis.
  • Close-Up Magazine

    • The Close-Up team consists of six key roles filled by 10 volunteers: editor, assistant editor, image editors, layout team, proofreaders and distribution. If you are interested in assisting with the production of Close-Up please contact the Editor.
  • Website Team

    • The Web Team is responsible for all aspects of the Club’s Internet, Web and Social Media presence, as well as marketing.  Volunteers on this team experience the great personal satisfaction in contributing to this vital role. Contact the Website Administrator if you are interested in volunteering. 
  • Social Events

    • This position is handled by the 1st Vice President.
  • Equipment Coordinator

    • Ensures that meeting leaders, SIG and Workshop cords and presenters get the equipment that they need. This is essentially periodic e-mails to all scheduled event leaders reminding them to arrange to get the gear from the person before them and transfer it to the next user. It does not involve routine delivery of equipment to meetings etc.
    • Ensures the club computer is kept up-to-date with OS and software upgrades. Fix software problems and deal with hardware upgrades as required. Twice a year run the calibration software.
    • Manages retrieval and return of materials from our off-site storage as required.

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