Close-Up Team Volunteers

Like all aspects of the Victoria Camera Club, Close-Up relies on volunteers to run it. From time to time people move in and out of the team and now is one of those times. We have a core team of nine people plus a couple of others who perform narrower tasks.

Close-Up production runs on a schedule so you can plan the time you need to spend on it within this timeframe. There are nine issues per year with two-month issues over the summer.

Assistant Editor: Bobbie Carey has been on the Close-Up team since 2013 and is stepping back from her assistant editor role but will remain as a proofreader. This role provides assistance to the editor, principally in planning and selecting article/authors, and reviewing material for future issues.

Image Editing: Two people share this role preparing images for publication. At this time, we need one person. Familiarity with Photoshop is required but you do not have to be an expert at it. The task involves running two scripts and minor editing. The intention is preparation for printing, not to change the intent of the image, this makes the work involved quite routine.

"How I Did It" page: We need a coordinator for this page whose role is to identify images on our website, presented at meetings, SIGs, on our Flickr page etc., that would be of interest to members. “Interest” means show a particular creative intent, technique or simply content which is worth explaining to members in a one-column format. We require two images for this page for each issue. When an image is identified the coordinator contacts the maker to arrange for the material.

“Shoots Around Victoria” page: We need a coordinator for this page whose role is to identify potential shooting locations around Greater Victoria that may be (or have been) locations for field trips or are otherwise interesting as a specific location that may not be well known to members. This role requires coordination with the Field Trip group as one objective is to publicize upcoming field trip locations providing useful shooting information. When a location is identified the coordinator contacts the potential writer (who may be the field trip leader) to arrange for the material.

If you have any questions about what is involved working for Close-Up please email me:

Richard James, Close-Up Editor

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