CAPA Digital Fall/Winter Competition

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1 February  2023 

Fall or winter is very broad in scope, so once again CAPA has created specific themes. Artists must enter their photos into a specific theme as outlined below. Images may be staged or candid. Keep the “Fall/Winter” heading in mind when considering the five themes below.

Theme Definitions

The Cold: in this theme you may enter scenes from nature, winter sports, winter festivals, urban and rural landscapes, seascapes, astrophotography, macrophotography, weather and transportation. Just make sure whatever you choose shows the cold.

Man-made Structures or Objects: if humans made it, you can show it. (Remember the overall subject is fall or winter.)

Culinary: the preparation, cooking, presentation and consumption of food in any location including restaurants, markets, parks, kitchens, banquets, weddings, homes, including or not including (as you wish) the cooks, equipment and consumers of food. Again, remember, “fall/winter” means summer barbecues are out, but snow on the barbecue?

Active Seniors: CAPA is looking for images that express the “experience and benefits of an aging-friendly community.” This theme could include portraits, activities, celebrations, crafts and sports, so long as there are “active seniors” involved in fall or winter activities.

Nature/Wildlife: For this theme, in addition to the normal scope of the terms “nature” and “wildlife”, CAPA also includes domesticated animals and birds.


The usual CAPA eligibility rules apply: see the CAPA general page.

This contest allows all in-camera, on-camera and post-capture editing, so long as the image appears “natural”, and does not contain any digital frames, pin-lines, borders or mats.


To VCC, no later than February 1, 2023, and to CAPA, no later than March 1, 2023.

  1. Images should be in JPEG format, maximum 1400 pixels on the horizontal x 1050 on the vertical in size.
  2. Note: One of the dimensions must be exactly the maximum allowed size (either 1400 or 1050 pixels).

  3. sRGB colour space and have a maximum file size of 1.8 MB

  4. Maximum number of submissions per VCC member is two.
  5. Please preserve your image’s RAW formatted files, should CAPA request them.



VCC Results

  • 2022/23:
    VCC placed 28th out of 40 full club entries. While out of contention in terms of medals and awards, it still remains true that with combined judge’s scores ranging from 23.5 to 20.0, every one of our 6 entries had to have received most of their 3 individual judge’s scores in the 7 to 8 range (out of 10), which CAPA considers “an excellent image, above average in technical qualities and impact”. Congratulations to our six selected contestants, Daniel Rondeau (23.5), Judy Johnston (23.0), Kim Smith (22.0), Bill Cubitt (21.5), Tom Stewart (20.5), and Kim Passmore (20.0). With four such diverse sub-themes (The Cold, Man-Made Objects, Culinary and Active Seniors) it is not surprising that the winning entries were a diverse set of images. Members are encouraged to look at the CAPA website, where all Competition winners are displayed for public view. You do not need to be a CAPA member to view them. See the six VCC entries on the right.

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