PSA Interclub Photo Travel Competition



Submit to VCC by:

15 October 2023 (Round 1)

15 January 2024 (Round 2)

15 March 2024 (Round 3)


Like all of the PSA Interclub Competitions,  Photo Travel Competition season consists of three contests with closing dates of November 15, February 15, and April 15.  Submissions to VCC are due one month in advance of the PSA closing date.

Photo Travel is intended to be a truthful record of the real world we live in, as it is found naturally.  Subject matter is open.  PSA offers the following guides:

  • landscapes or seascapes must include characteristic, distinctive and recognisable physical features, although it is not necessary to identify an exact location
  • images predominantly of people must illustrate a distinctive culture of a country, region or continent
  • images of animal populations are allowed if the animals are in their native environment characteristic of that country, region or contenent
  • portraits or close-ups of people, in addition to the above, must include elements of their surrounding environment.  Studio portraits are NOT allowed
  • images of events or activities arranged for photography, or hired or directed for photography, are NOT allowed
  • long exposures are allowed provided the long exposure does not create a special effect (like star trails) which dominates the image
  • highly distorted images like "fish eye" lens images are not allowed.


The following editing techniques ARE allowed so long as the "truthful record is maintained:

  • conversion to grayscale monochrome
  • cropping, straightening and perspective correction
  • removal of dust spots, noise, chromatic aberration and lens distortion added by the camera or lens
  • global adjustments such as brightness, hue, saturation and contrast provided they are used to restore the original appearance
  • blending of images in camera or in post-capture for HDR or focus stacking
  • image stitching of overlapping, consecutive images (panoramas)

The following editing techniques are NOT allowed, since they would not produce a truthful record:

  • removing, adding moving or otherwise changing a part of an image
  • adding a vignette during processing
  • blurring parts of an image in processing to hide elements
  • darkening parts of an image in processing to hide elements
  • partial de-saturation, over-saturation or toning

A single border of gray of no more than 5 pixels in width IS allowed.

Signed PSA Permission

Members intending to participate in PSA competitions must sign a form permitting PSA to use and display their photos as stated therein.  Permission is specific to the photographer, not the image, and is valid for three years.  VCC must upload permission forms for every photographer before their photos can be entered in the PSA website.

Download the PSA Individual Inter-Club Competition Form or View the Form


Members may submit up to 2 images to VCC by October 15 for consideration by the External Competition Committee for inclusion in our Club submission.  Each Club may submit 6 images, all from different photographers.  Each image should have a title descriptive of the image no longer than 35 characters in length.







  1. Images should be in JPEG format, maximum 1400 pixels on the horizontal x 1050 on the vertical in size
  2. sRGB colour space and have a maximum file size of 1.7 MB
  3. Maximum number of submissions per VCC member is two



VCC Results

  • 2023/24
  • (TBA)


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