New Member Fee Payment


Thank you for joining the Victoria Camera Club!


The fee payment is the last step in joining the the club.  Your payment must be confirmed before access to the Member-Only areas of the website can be granted.

Important: If you have not already done so, you must complete the New Member Request prior to making your payment

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This creates/confirms your account in the Visual Pursuits system so the PayPal payment process can identify you.  Once your account is created/confirmed and payment is complete your Victoria Camera Club application will be approved.


Payment Options:

1.  PayPal (recommended):  using your own PayPal account or a credit card (no PayPal account needed).  Confirmation should be very quick - you will get a confirmation notification from PayPal.  

2. Cheque brought to at a club meeting for the Membership Manager.



Before You Make your Payment:

1.  You must read and agree to the Club's Liability Waiverread here.

- If paying by PayPal, indicate "YES" on the PayPal "I agree to the VCC Waiver" line below.

- If paying by cheque the waiver must be downloaded, signed and brought to a Club meeting with your payment.

2.  You need to indicate your Competition Level (Novice, Intermediate, Advanced).  Indicate on the PayPal "Initial Competition Level" line below, or tell the Membership Manager in person or by email.  To assist you in selecting your Competition Level please read the Competition Skill Levels here.


Family Memberships:

1. Request an account via the VCC website, then make the dues payment as per the instructions above, using the Family Membership selection.

a. This will create one VCC account using that email address

b. This initial Family account will be able to participate in competitions, register for events and add images to galleries as soon as it is approved:

i. If paying via PayPal, that will be almost immediately, providing the PayPal transaction is completed and approved. (Fastest method)

ii. If paying via cheque or cash at a club meeting, after the Membership Manager and Treasurer confirm payment, which could take up to a few days.

2. Have the other Family member(s) create an account via the VCC website using the same process, HOWEVER, do not make a dues payment for these accounts:

a. The additional Family member(s) MUST have a separate, unique email address.  They cannot share the original email used for the initial Family membership.

b. This is necessary in order to allow the additional Family member(s) to participate in competitions, register for events and add images to galleries.

3. Once the additional family member(s) have requested an account:

a. Inform the Membership Manager ( of the Family member(s) name and email address.

b. The Membership Manager will manually approve the additional Family membership(s), noting the relationship with the initial Family account.

c. Note:  the additional account(s) will not be able to participate in competitions, register for events or add images to galleries until the account request is approved, which could take up to a few days.





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