CAPA Audio Visual Presentation Competition  



The audio visual (AV) competition submissions may consist of a multimedia presentation composed of photography, video, time lapse, music and narration, text or a combination thereof. The emphasis of the presentation will be the blending of these components into a cohesive storyline. The transition between the images should flow harmoniously with the appropriate colour or tone complementing the selected theme and images. This presentation can be any subject but the presentation must follow a theme such as nature, people, still life or landscapes or tell a story such as a memorable event, recent trip or holiday, interviewing an interesting individual or highlighting a topic of interest. Any individual images previously receiving a CAPA Award may be included in the AV presentation.

Kindly refer to the CAPA website for additional details


  1. Must NOT exceed 7 minutes.
  2. File must be saved as a MP4, MPEG-4 or MOV 


VCC Results

  • 2019/20

This year was our second year of entering this competition and once again we came in 7th with a respectable score. Thanks  to Kirk Schwartz for allowing us to submit his Audio Visual show “The Peroghie Project” as our club entry.


  • 2018/19

This was our first year entering this competition. Our entry was "Iceland" by Richard Marshall. We finished in 7th place.


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