Our Board and Committee Chairs

(Please note: All of these positions are held by volunteers)


At a Glance: Organizational Chart

 Board of Directors
  President James Dies

1st Vice-President Dennis Crabtree

2nd Vice-President Jason Frank

Treasurer Bob Law

Secretary Margaret McNay

Director at Large Ian Faris

Director at Large Rilla Ballantyne

 Committee Chairs & Committee Members

  Internal Competitions Sharon Moysey
Judy Plummer
Pam Irvine
Denise Ashby
Geof Squarok
Graeme Weir

80th Anniversary Committee Ian Faris
Dennis Crabtree
Gwyneth Kingham


External Competitions Jim Fowler
Richard Letourneau, (Assistant Chair)
Bill Cubitt
Cindy Stephenson
Lori Moilanen

Members' Night Clive Townley
Bob Law

Membership Ian Faris

Mentorship Jason Frank
Ian Faris

Presenter's Night Danielle Labonte
Steve Sproston





Bob Law


Alec Lee
Terri Kott
Jeanne Kurz
Lori Moilanen
Mary Weir
Donna Robertson
Ron Charles

 Field Trips

Rilla Ballantyne
Nicci Tyndall
James Dies
Geof Squarok
John Clarke
Alline Cormier

Tuesday Shoots Penny Codding
Deb Thurlbeck


Alternate Tuesday Shoots Don Piper

Print Show Vacant
Gordon Griffiths, Resource


CAPA/PSA Liaison


Inter-Club Liaison

Richard Letourneau


Christine Hutchins Gallagher

Social Committee

David Cox

Shared Interest Groups (SIGs)
  Nature SIG Jim Gardner
Alec Lee

Creative SIG Kevin Keliher
Normand Marcotte

Aerial Photography SIG


Street Photography SIG

James Dies


Bill Green



Website Administrator Greg Blaney

Website Manager Lori Moilanen

Website Assistant Richard Letourneau

Social Media Manager Vacant

Close-Up Digital Editor
Assistant Close-Up Digital Editor

Robert Botting
Christine Gallagher

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