Field Trips & Workshops - Continued

Comox Valley

Comox Valley Thumbnail


Saltspring Island

Saltspring Island Thumbnail


Classic Cars

Classic Cars Thumbnail


Heritage Acres

Heritage Acres Thumbnail


Mary Lake Sanctuary

Mary Lake Sanctuary Thumbnail


The Jeffrey Rubinoff Sculpture Park, Hornby Island

The Jeffrey Rubinoff Sculpture Park Thumbnail


Hornby Island Flowers

Hornby Island Flowers Thumbnail


Junk Yard

Junk Yard Thumbnail


Street Photography - Abstract

Abstract Thumbnail

March Street Photography - Splash of Colour

Splash of Colour Thumbnail

March Street Photography - Look Up

Look Up Thumbnail

Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral Thumbnail


Sherringham Lighthouse and Sandcut Waterfalls

Sherringham Lighthouse and Sandcut Waterfalls Thumbnail

Street Photography: Shadows and Reflections

Street Photography - Shoot from the Hip

Street Photography: Shoot from the Hip Thumbnail


BC Aviation Museum

BC Aviation Museum Thumbnail


Street Photography 2

Street Photography 2 Thumbnail

Street Photography 1

Street Photography 1 Thumbnail


Macaulay Point

Macaulay Point Thumbnail

The Lights of Wonder

The Lights of Wonder Thumbnail

IEOA Truck

IEOA Truck Parade Thumbnail

Mushrooms at Royal Roads

Mushrooms at Royal Roads Thumbnail

Charters River and Sooke Potholes

Charters River and Sooke Potholes Thumbnail

Goldstream Provincial Park

Goldstream Provincial Park

Women's Field

Women's Field Hockey at UVIC Thumbnail

Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest Raptors Thumbnail

Overnight at
Fort Rodd Hill

Overnight at Fort Rodd Hill Thumbnail

Sunflower Farm
at Dawn

Sunflower Farm at Dawn Thumbnail









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