PSA Interclub Digital Nature Competition  

  As a Club, VCC is not participating in this competition in 2023-2024; individual PSA members may participate if they choose.  


Each Nature Division Digital Competition season consists of three contests. Each club can enter six different images by at least 4 different club members in each contest, for a total of 18 different images for the season. The Nature Division Digital Club Competitions are open to all camera clubs that are members of PSA. Individual club members submitting images for the Interclub competitions are not required to be PSA members. Each individual member must be the full owner of all rights for the submitted works.

All images must comply with the nature definition outlined on the CAPA Digital Nature Competition web page on this site. For the wildlife definition, please refer to the CAPA Spring Wildlife page. All images complying with the wildlife definition are eligible for entry in the PSA Nature Division Interclub Competition.

Please note: Individuals may not enter images through two different clubs.
Once an image has been entered into the Interclub PID Competition, it is ineligible for re-entry in this competition even if the maker moves to another club the following year. No two clubs may submit images by the same maker. 

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  1. Images should be in JPEG format, maximum 1400 pixels on the horizontal x 1050 on the vertical in size
  2. sRGB colour space and have a maximum file size of 1.7 MB
  3. Maximum number of submissions per VCC member is two



VCC Results

  • 2020/21

After achieving two 2nds and a 5th over the last three years, the VCC came in an uncharacteristic tie for 15th in Round 1 this year. In Round 2 among 23 clubs, the Victoria Camera Club finished in the middle of the pack with a 12th place tie. After two Rounds we are in 15th place. In Round 3 of the PSA Nature competition, the VCC placed 7th. For the year-end final placing (three rounds) we placed 11th. Congratulations to Suzanne Huot and Irene Morden for their Round 3 awards. See gallery at right

  • 2019/20

In Round 1 the Victoria Camera Club placed 4th out of 26 camera clubs, continuing our record of success in the past two years. Mike Wooding won an Award of Honour for his image “Red-bellied Woodpecker”. In Round 2 we placed 7th against 28 clubs, but are in 2nd place after two rounds. Suzanne Huot’s image “Cheetah Mother’s Prize” won an honour award in this round. We came in 3rd place in Round 3 with Leah Gray and Evan Guengerich winning Awards of Honour. For the year 2019/20 including all three rounds the VCC placed 2nd out of 28 clubs in Group A. See the gallery. Watch the Results Video

2019-20 PSA Interclub Nature Award

  • 2018/19

This year we were placed into Group A and competed against 32 other clubs from around the world. In the three rounds, we came in tied for 5th, 12th and 2nd. This resulted in the VCC having a final placing of 5th out of 33 clubs in Group A and tied for 16th out of 79 clubs overall. Special congratulations go to Evan Guengerich and Leah Gray for winning individual PSA awards. See the gallery

  • 2017/18

    In the Nature Division, there are two Groups, A and B. Since this was our first year we were placed in Group B with 39 other clubs. In the three rounds, we came in 3rd, 2nd and tied for 2nd.  This resulted in the VCC placing 2nd out of 40 in Group B and tied for 2nd out of 72 clubs overall. Because of our strong showing, we will move up to Group A for the 2018-19 season.

    Special congratulations go to James Kissinger, Mike Wooding, Evan Guengerich, Nicci Tyndall, Leah Gray and Steve Smith for winning individual PSA awards. See the gallery


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