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Every year the North Shore Photographic Society hosts the North Shore Challenge, which in 2016 celebrated its 32nd anniversary. This is an open competition, with all subjects eligible, and digital manipulation is allowed. Since it is a family oriented competition, subjects of an adult nature may be disallowed by the host club. Images may not have been entered in previous North Shore competitions. In addition to the club entry, members may also enter as individuals. Club entries and individual entries will be randomly mixed in the competition, so if you have an image in the VCC submission, you will require a different image for your individual entry.

Two sets of CAPA medals for single images will be awarded. One set of gold, silver and bronze will be awarded for club entries and another set for individual entries. The External Competition Committee will select six images for the club entry. Members entering as individuals may submit up to three images for the first round of judging at an event prior to the Challenge. From these individual images the judges will select the top 120 images (only one per photographer) to compete in the Challenge Final with the club entries. If you are entering as an individual, you must do so via the North Shore Challenge website.  

Specifications and Timing 

Images submitted should be in JPEG format, maximum 1400 on the horizontal by 1050 pixels on the vertical.  Maximum number of submissions per member is two. There are no restrictions for file size nor resolution. The North Shore Challenge was opened for submissions on September 8th and the deadline for VCC submissions is currently set at January 29, 2017, but this is subject to change once the NSPS deadline has been announced. 

VCC Results for Previous Competitions

--to see a full image size slideshow, hover cursor over an image then click on the "Expand" icon on the right of the filmstrip--



 The Victoria Camera Club has often performed very well in this competition; in 2016 our club placed third, just two points behind the first place club, and in 2015 we placed first! Since this is an open competition, here's your opportunity to showcase your best work.

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