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NORTH SHORE CHALLENGE - Cancelled by North Shore This Year

The North Shore Photographic Society hosts this competition every year. This year will be their 40th year.

This competition is open to clubs and individuals in B.C. and the Yukon. The sponsoring Club hires judges from outside of the eligible jurisdictions. The results will be shown in an on-line show March 9th, 2024. There will be a key-note speaker at 4:30 p.m. with the evening program beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Last year Victoria Camera Club tied for Gold! Our 6 entries were awarded 142 points in total, resulting in a tie with Lions Gate Camera Club. The CAPA system of scoring is used: 3 judges (who are not members of the North Shore Photographic Society) each give a score of up to 10 points, for a possible combined score of 30.

Clubs must enter 6 images. Clubs must enter their images by February 9th, 2024. You must submit your entries to the VCC no later than January 9th, 2024, in order to give the External Competition Committee time to select the VCC entries. Your Club pays the fees for Club entries.

Members can also enter as individuals, but must enter different images from those they enter through the Club. Individuals may enter up to 3 images: go to the North Shore Photographic Society website at and pay a non-refundable fee via PayPal. You may also purchase a ticket for admission to the final on March 4th. One entry per each individual entrant will be chosen to be entered into the final competition and show.

Two sets of image medals will be awarded: one set for Club entries and one set for individual entries. There are also medals for Club entries as a group. Go to their website for full details.

Submit images to VCC no later than January 9th, 2024.


It is an open competition, with all subjects eligible and digital manipulation allowed. The only restriction is that images not suitable for family viewing may be disallowed by the host club. With any completely open competition, the judges chosen will not necessarily have expertise in every genre, so keep in mind two basic parameters: the strong suit of photography is the ability to render technically perfect detail; and, you want a photo to stand out in a crowd, which means it needs the “wow” factor to be noticed.


As an “open” competition, in-camera and post-capture manipulation is allowed. As a CAPA sanctioned event, the general CAPA rules requiring all photographic material being original photographic work of the photographer would apply.

In an attempt to clarify the digital requirements, North Shore has published a “Guide” to help contestants meet the requirements for submission and still produce a photo suitable for digital display. They recommend you calibrate your monitor regularly. During editing, keep your file in a format suitable to the editing software you will be using: this might be NEF in Lightroom, or PSD or TIFF in Photoshop. Use whatever you normally use. It is only when you are ready to “export” the file into a format and size suitable to the contest that you should “convert” the file format to JPEG, and the colour space to sRGB. (Choose “high resolution” jPEG.) For a horizontal image, set width to 1400 pixels. It should not be necessary to set the vertical, as it will adjust automatically. For a vertical image, set the maximum height to 1050 pixels. Do not worry about document size, resolution or file size. Choose sharpen for “screen”. Do not add any copyright or text on the image.

North Shore Photographic Society won the Club prize last year. Their six photos covered a wide gamut of subjects and styles from nature/wildlife (owl flying in snow, fox portrait, ladybug in tree buds, and great blue heron on a log) to portrait ( lady with provisions balanced on top of her head) to cityscape (moon rising over Vancouver highrises and docks all under the Lions Gate Bridge).




  1. Images submitted should be in JPEG or JPG format, maximum 1400 pixels on the horizontal by 1050 pixels on the vertical.

  2. Colour gamut should be sRGB standard.

  3. There are no restrictions on file size or resolution.

  4. Maximum number of submissions to the Club is two: individuals may enter three images, but they cannot be the same as those submitted to the Club.


VCC Results for Previous Competitions

  • 2022/23
    Victoria Camera Club ties for Gold! Our 6 entries were awarded 142 points in total, resulting in a tie with Lions Gate Camera Club. In addition, Lori Moilanen won the CAPA Gold medal for highest score, 27 (of 30) points, and also won the “Best in Show” for her picture “Try This - You’ll Like It”. Congratulations to all our participants. North Shore has prepared a "Highlights Reel" featuring the top images of the show: See Highlights Reel See Gallery to the right.

         WE WON GOLD!!

    North Shore Challenge Trophy

  • 2021/22
    Victoria Camera Club placed 12th this year (out of 29 participating clubs), and tied with the Whitehorse Photography Club. Congratulations to the North Shore Photographic Society who not only hosted, but also WON the North Shore Challenge for 2022. See the Gallery
  • 2020/21

      WE WON GOLD!!

North Shore Challenge Trophy

Victoria Camera Club brings home the Gold! See gallery

  • 2019/20
    This year the Victoria Camera Clubs entry tied for a respectable 5th place out of 25 clubs. The high point of our entry was the award of the Best in Show image (best of all images entered), that went to Lois Burton for her image Summer Hummer. She also receives a CAPA gold medal for the highest scoring image submitted by a club. See gallery at right. Watch the Results Video
  • 2018/19
    This year we place 3rd in the 2019 competition with a Bronze Medal, only one point behind second place.  Evan Guengerich won a bronze medal for "Sibling Rivalry", Kim smith had an honourable Mention for "The Flute Player" and Leah Gray had an honourable mention for "Wild Dance". See the gallery

      2019 North Shore Photographic Challenge - Third - Club Entry

  • 2017/18 
    In 2018 the Victoria camera Club finished in a tie for 4th place. Three of our six entries were awarded Honourable Mentions. They were "Back-Off" by Leah Gray, "Snow Shadows" by Hilary Goeller and "Buzz Off" by Margarita Huang. See the gallery
  •  2015/16
    The Victoria Camera Club has often performed very well in this competition; in 2016 our club placed third, just two points behind the first place club 
    See the gallery
  • 2014/15
    In 2015 we placed first!

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