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The LGCC’s  annual Celebration of Nature invitational digital photography competition is open to clubs in BC and the Yukon.  The categories are Botanical, Nature, Landscape, and Wildlife. In addition to the club awards, ribbons will be awarded to individual club members for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and HM in each of these categories. Three images will also be chosen as Best in Show for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Evidence of the “hand of man” must not be present in any part of the image. Photographs of cultivated plants, domestic animals and taxidermy specimens are not allowed.  The presence of scientific bands or collars is acceptable, but should be minimal. HDR and stitching are permitted.  

Note: This year LGCC will use the CAPA guidelines for nature/Wildlife photography.

Your RAW file may be requested by LGCC.


  1. Image size should be maximum 1400 pixels on the horizontal x maximum 1050 pixels on the vertical, in JPEG file format and sRGB colour space.
  2. There are no restrictions on file size nor resolution.
  3. Maximum number of submissions per member is two.
  4. See notes to the left regarding the nature definition. 

  • 2020/21

The VCC has an extraordinary record at Lions Gate. This year we came in first among 24 clubs, with Steve Smith winning the Best in Show and Wildlife categories, and Evan Guengerich coming in 3rd on Best in Show and 2nd in Wildlife! In the past five years we have finished 1st three times, 2nd once and 5th once. During this time VCC members have won Best in Show three times, 2nd once and 3rd twice. See gallery to the right

Celebration of Nature 2020 - 1st Place

  • 2019/20
    The Victoria Camera Club took 5th place out of 27 camera clubs. Leah Gray’s great image of two young grizzly bears came 1st in the Best in Show category as well as 1st in Mammals. (See the gallery). Watch the Results Video
  • 2018/19
    Victoria Camera Club placed 1st out of 26 clubs
    This year, Suzanne Huot was 2nd in Best of Show and, 3rd in Nature (category 3) with "Red Eyed Tree Frog". Mike Wooding was 3rd in Birds (category 1) with Brown-headed Cowbird Family Quarrel", and Evan Guengerich garnered an HM Best in Show and 1st in Mammals (category 2) with "Sibling Rivalry. See the External Comps Report here. (See the gallery)

  • 2017/18 
    Victoria Camera Club Awarded 2nd Place in 2017

    This year, two of our members won individual awards. Suzanne Huot walked away with 1st’s in the Best in Show and Mammals categories with “Lions on Their Honeymoon” and Mike Wooding was awarded 2nd place in the Birds category with “Mountain Bluebird with Prey”.  Read More 
     (See the Gallery)

  • 2016/17
    Victoria Camera Club Awarded 1st Place in 2016
    The Victoria Camera club has a distinguished history at Lion's Gate. In the last six years, the VCC has finished second twice, third once and no worse than 6th.
    In 2016, we finally finished first, just ahead of the Lion's Gate Camera Club and the North Shore Photographic Society. Three of VCC's members won individual awards. Peter Koelbleitner was awarded first place in the Mammals category with his Sea Lion image which also took second place in Best in Show.  James Kissinger won second place in the Mammals category with his Grizzlies which also won third place in Best in Show. Neil Boyle was awarded an Honourable Mention in the Mammals category with his Vampire Bat photo. Other members who contributed to our win are Margarita Huang, Suzanne Huot, Carrie Cole, Leah Gray and Hanna CowpeSee the Gallery
    Press Release

  • 2015/16 
    See the 2015 Gallery

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