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This friendly competition between the Eastwood Photographic Society of Glasgow, Scotland and the Victoria Camera Club celebrates its fourteenth anniversary in 2020. It was initiated by VCC former member Douglas Bain, who moved from Glasgow to Victoria.  

Each club submits thirty images, fifteen by novice/intermediate members and fifteen by advanced members to be evaluated by two judges, one from each club. The judges assign a mark out of 20 for each image and the fact that they both comment on all sixty images is an added bonus.

This has always been a very competitive competition. Over the last thirteen years, Victoria has squeaked out victories five times, Eastwood seven times with one year resulting in a tie. It's a no holds barred competition, which means that anything goes. Here's your opportunity to submit your best two images for one of our most important external competitions. 



  1. Images submitted should be in JPEG format, maximum 1400 on the horizontal by 1050 pixels on the vertical.
  2. There are no restrictions on file size or resolution.
  3. Maximum number of submissions per member is two.

VCC Results 

  • 2020/21
The 2020/21 results are in and they were a disappointing exact replay of 2019/20.  Eastwood edged us out by 18 points once again.  Our advanced group snuck past Eastwood 503 to 499 but our Novice/Intermediates were dominated by Eastwood 504 to 482. The final tally - Eastwood over Victoria 1003 to 985. This puts our record at Eastwood 9 wins to our 5 with one tie.  The race is long, though, and we'll get them next year! See the gallery on the right. See Judges Comments
  • 2019/20

The results from this year’s competition were not quite what we wanted. We lost by a whisker. The advanced score was 525 (Eastwood) to 519; the Intermediate/Novice score was 483 (Eastwood) to 471. We will be presenting the comments to the club in the fall. See the gallery. See Judges Comments

  • 2018/19
    We had a great start to this year's competition: The Novice/Intermediate VCC members scored 485 points to Eastwood's 474 points. Unfortunately, the advanced group didn't fare as well, scoring 502 to Eastwood's 532. It is now Eastwood 7 to Victoria 5. see the gallery
  • 2017/18
    In 2018, our Novice/Intermediate members came extremely close to winning. The score was Eastwood 499, Victoria 493. Our Advanced members did not fare so well, losing 503 to 466. The record is now Eastwood 6, Victoria 5, with one tie. see the gallery
    See Judges Comments

  • 2016/17
    This year Eastwood got the better of us in both Novice/Intermediate and Advanced categories, and in doing so, we are all tied up as indicated above. We’ll need to pull out all the stops to grab the lead back next year! see the gallery

  • 2015/16
    The Novice/Intermediate members held up their end by edging out a win 459 points to 454. Peter Kolbleitner's "Coho's Nose" took first place, while Meherzad Romer's "Simplicity in Intricacy" and Bobbie Carey's "Under the Bridge" tied for second. The Advanced members, in spite of submitting some great images, fell a bit short, losing to some outstanding images from the Eastwood group by a score of 533 to 506. Barbara Burns had our top scoring image "Crimson Dance", which tied for second place. Lois Burton, Mike Wooding, Don Peterson, Gail Takahashi and Ove Christensen all tied for third place with three Eastwood members.
    Overall, Eastwood triumphed with a total score of 987 to 965. Obviously each year it's anybody's game! see the gallery

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