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George W. Glennie

Eastwood vs VCC

This friendly competition between the Eastwood Photographic Society of Glasgow, Scotland and the Victoria Camera Club celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2016. It was initiated by VCC former member Douglas Bain, who moved from Glasgow to Victoria.  Each club submits thirty images, fifteen by novice members and fifteen by intermediate/advanced members to be evaluated by two judges, one from each club. The judges assign a mark out of 20 for each image and the fact that they both comment on all sixty images is an added bonus.
This has always been a very competitive competition. Over the last ten years, Victoria has squeaked out victories five times, Eastwood four times with one year resulting in a tie. It's a no holds barred competition, which means that anything goes. Here's your opportunity to submit your best two images for one of our most important external competitions. 

Specifications and Timing

Eastwood / VCC is held in late January.  The image size is maximum 1400 pixels on the horizontal x maximum 1050 pixels on the vertical, no restrictions on file size and resolution, and colour space is sRGB. Maximum number of submissions per member is two. Eastwood was opened for submissions on September 8th and the VCC deadline is currently set at January 20th, 2017. This is subject to change once we determine the Eastwood closing date.

VCC Results for the 2016 Competition

--to see a full image size slideshow, hover cursor over an image then click on the "Expand" icon on the right of the filmstrip--

The Novice members held up their end by edging out a win 459 points to 454. Peter Kolbleitner's "Coho's Nose" took first place, while Meherzad Romer's "Simplicity in Intricacy" and Bobbie Carey's "Under the Bridge" tied for second. The Intermediate/Advanced members, in spite of submitting some great images, fell a bit short, losing to some outstanding images from the Eastwood group by a score of 533 to 506. Barbara Burns had our top scoring image "Crimson Dance", which tied for second place. Lois Burton, Mike Wooding, Don Peterson, Gail Takahashi and Ove Christensen all tied for third place with three Eastwood members.
Overall, Eastwood triumphed with a total score of 987 to 965. Obviously each year it's anybody's game!






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