The George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon

  VCC is not participating in in the Glennie Memorial Nature Salon in 2021-2022.  



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George W. Glennie

The Merrimack Valley Camera Club of Massachusetts has held this international salon since 1981. This is a premier all-nature club only competition of digital images known for its diversity of subjects which range from animals to botany to landscapes. Each club submits ten images into as many as eight categories – birds, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, marine & freshwater life, botany and landscapes. Two major awards are given – The Top Five Clubs Total Score and The Top Five Clubs Diversity. The Diversity Award considers the aggregate score of the top scoring images from all eight categories.

PSA and CAPA rules of nature apply.

Important Note!

Last year we made a major change in the way we are handling the Glennie competition. Because Glennie requires at least one image in each of 8 categories in order to qualify for the Diversity award, we have decided to run 4 separate comps which are:

George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon Reptiles/Amphibians

George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon Botanical/Invertebrates

George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon Birds/Mammals

George W. Glennie Memorial Nature Salon Marine/Landscapes

This will allow you to submit two images in each category for a total of eight images. By doing this we hope to have many more images from which to choose our ten entries. We have entered the last three Glennies,  coming in third, first, and second in the Diversity Award category.

This is a prestigious competition and we would like to keep our great track record alive!

The George W. Glennie Competition website:



  1. Image size should be maximum 1400 pixels on the horizontal x maximum 1050 pixels on the vertical, in JPEG file format and sRGB colour space.
  2. There is a size restriction of 2 Megabyte
  3. Titles are to be no longer than 50 characters
  4. PSA and CAPA rules of nature apply
  5. Maximum number of submissions per member is three.

VCC Results for Previous Competitions

  • 2020/21

In 2020/21 66 clubs entered Glennie...46 from the USA, and 20 from other countries including Canada, with a total of 657 images submitted. This year the VCC placed 9th out of 26 for the Diversity Award and 26 out of 66 overall. Four of our members won awards...Daniel Rondeau and Steve Smith won 1st in Category awards, and Suzanne Huot and Judy Johnston won Merit awards. See gallery at right.

  • 2019/20 Second place in the Diversity Award

    Once again, the VCC placed 2nd in the Diversity Award! This award is presented to the club who achieves the highest aggregate score of all eight Nature categories. Our track record for this award is outstanding.  In the four Glennies that we have entered, we have racked up one 3rd, two 2nds and a 1st. In the overall we came in a respectable 17th out of 68 clubs, 46 of which are from the USA and 22 are International. Mark Sicherman  and Leah Gray won 1st in Category awards and Kahsia Hartwell and Steve Barber brought home Merit Awards. (See the gallery) Watch the Results Video

39th Glennie Nature Salon 2020 - Diversity Award

  • 2018/19 Second place in the Diversity Award

The Victoria Camera Club placed 2nd for the Diversity Award this year. There were 646 images entered from 65 clubs, 45 from the US, and 20 international entries. Three of our members won individual awards: Evan Guengerich had a First in Category (mammal-bear) for Sibling Rivalry, Mary-lee Sampson had a Merit award for Johnston Canyon (landscapes-waterscapes), and Mike Wooding had a First in Category (invertebrate-dragonflies) for Emma's Dancers Mating. (See the gallery)

    A white ribbon for the 38th Glennie Nature Salon - Diversity Award


  • 2017/18 Victoria Camera Club Wins the Diversity Award!

    After taking a year off in 2017, "The Glennie" was back in business in 2018. It was an exciting competition, with 630 images and 63 clubs participating; 46 clubs from the United States and 17 international clubs.  This year we focused on winning the Diversity Award, where we tied for third in the last Glennie. Our entry of ten images had to cover all eight categories, and thanks to some exceptional images from our members, we were successful  with the top score of 186 points. In the overall we ended up in a respectable 10th place with 234 points and were the top Canadian club. Three of our members won individual awards. Suzanne Huot won the award for the Best Amphibian, Jonathan Adams won a Merit Award in the Landscape category, and Mike Wooding won a Merit Award in the Invertebrate category. (See the gallery)

  • 2015/16
    In 2016 there were a total of 798 images from 80 clubs from 596 photographers representing 21 US states and 7 other countries submitted. In the Total Score competition Victoria Camera Club tied for sixth place with 245 points. The winning club’s score was 253 points. In the Diversity competition, we came in tied for third with 150 points, only two points behind the winner. Three of our members were honoured with individual awards. Suzanne Huot won two Merit awardsLinda Anne Baker won one Merit award and Hanna Cowpe won the award for Best Amphibian. Congratulations go to those who participated and to the club for this great result in our first time entering this prestigious competition. (See the gallery)

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